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Full Version: Does anyone know a site where to get korean mp3 songs?
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Much props if anyone knows .. please.
What type of Korean songs? Just.. Korean songs in general?
I acutally want to get the soundtrack to Windstruck, and are you thinking free/illegal songs or you have to pay?
QUOTE(tic tac. @ Jan 14 2007, 7:28 PM) *
What type of Korean songs? Just.. Korean songs in general?

Yes. wink.gif wink.gif
here you go. all the korean songs you could ever want in winrar format. i think it only has full albums though so it might be tough if you have a slow connection.

you'll have to register and all that stuff. but it's free so it's all good.
Um... Google?
As a reminder:
QUOTE(Frankie @ Jun 7 2005, 8:04 PM) *
we are no longer allowing topics requesting URLs for songs and/or music videos! ;x
those kinds of topics would include...
Where can i find this song?
Would anyone find this song for me?!?
Will you help me find the URL for this music video?!!?!!!!

if I, or any other moderators, see anymore topics, let it be known that THEY WILL BE CLOSED! >:O

if you want some help, use google, the big book of resources, sing365 or a lyric search engine. wink.gif
we've decided to allow you to ask about the artists and lyrics but before you make a new topic about stuff like that...PLEASE USE THE RESOURCES LISTED ABOVE!


Topic Closed.
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