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Forums _ The Lounge _ Does anyone else cry when they come back here?

Posted by: emberfly Mar 22 2015, 03:35 AM

It's seriously so sad, in my opinion.

It's like going back to visit where you went to kindergarten or something. And would play on the playground.

And you notice that it's dead and deserted. And there's no life there anymore.

Or it's completely different from how you remembered it and they've changed everything. And you don't even recognize any of the faces there anymore.

It's as if those things that you remember are completely fabricated. As if they mean nothing. As if that life never existed.

Very much like the memories that were implanted in The Island. The memories had value to the subject to whom they belonged, but the memories were false. They never happened.

That's life.

Posted by: Reidar Apr 13 2015, 03:55 AM

The fact that nobody has responded to this makes it even more depressing, haha. We need a CB reunion.

Posted by: Joanne Apr 17 2015, 05:24 PM

Reidar wub.gif

Posted by: karmakiller Apr 23 2015, 02:46 PM

How is this website still here?

I don't think I remember anyone. Except for the people I used to talk to on the phone.

Posted by: HelloSunshine Jul 3 2015, 06:40 PM

I grew up with CB so I think about it every now and then and wonder how everyone I used to talk to is doing. It's really sad to see how it has turned into a ghost town. sad.gif

Posted by: Mikeplyts Dec 23 2015, 12:01 PM