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Forums _ Health _ Lump near my chest?

Posted by: MrStrife Jul 4 2010, 03:45 AM

Yeah so I was a little itchy while I was sleepy and right on top of my right shoulder blade (clavicle I looked up) I felt a lump. It feels like an egg inside my body and I can move it over the bone. Permission to freak out?

Posted by: ButtsexV2 Jul 4 2010, 06:50 AM


Posted by: Mike Jul 4 2010, 06:51 AM


Posted by: Uso Jul 4 2010, 09:54 AM

you lived a good life

Posted by: serotonin Jul 4 2010, 10:18 AM

It's because you couldn't man up and ask that girl out.

I'm so sorry :(

Posted by: Tomates Jul 4 2010, 10:18 AM

Go get it checked out.

Posted by: karmakiller Jul 4 2010, 02:02 PM

Your shoulder blade and your clavicle are two different things. Your clavicle is your collar bone.

Maybe it's a swollen lymph node? If your skin is red or puffy, then that could be a sign. Your best bet would be to go see a doctor and get it checked out.

Posted by: Tomates Jul 5 2010, 12:04 AM

It is possible for guys to get breast cancer, it's even more possibly if you've had a family member that had Breast Cancer.

Posted by: LittleMissSunshine Aug 18 2010, 12:48 AM

CARTILAGE... that has cancer? lol i dnno but i say permission to freak out confirmed.

Posted by: serotonin Aug 18 2010, 08:18 AM

i hope it's cancer

Posted by: serotonin Nov 9 2010, 12:54 PM

was it cancer?

Posted by: doodoo Nov 8 2011, 03:28 PM

was it?

Posted by: LittleMissSunshine Feb 17 2012, 01:53 PM

i don't think so.......