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cB is Hiring!, apply here! =)
post Jul 21 2007, 09:47 PM
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The more things change,The more they stay the same.

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Hi ,My name is Tajii Davis! I'm applying for People Staff. Yea I know I don't meet all the requirements,But I think I'm exceptionally qualified. I like to meet new people and I never mind giving a helping hand. Ive been a member of cB for a year now,But I just began being active like some months back. Ive made lots of good friends on cB that have helped me with my desinging difficulties. Being on People Staff ,I know requires a lot of more time and responsibility,I think that I am capable of fulfilling these duties.I think I'm very up to date with the Community Guidelines and Im easy with following rules.I love working with people and I think this position would most defiantly give me the opportunity to work with people.I'm very outgoing and I think most of all I'm a very good friend to most of the people I talk to.This position would not only bring me into a closer relationship with cB,But I think it will also make me be a more responsible and productive person. Thank You For Reading Over My Application _smile.gif

-Tajii Davis.

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Or just PM me!
*The Markster*
post Jul 22 2007, 12:13 AM
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Dear cB Staff,

My name is Mark, more commonly known as The Markster, and I'd like to apply for the position of Design Staff. I believe that with my extended knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, HTML, and CSS, I can help web designers and developers in what they are trying to accomplish. My intermediate knowledge of PHP, a skill not well-known in the forums, can also serve as a unique asset to the design panel. In addition to my aptitude for coding, I am experienced with different website structures, strive for neat and organized scripting, and am able to understand hard-to-grasp concepts for solving problems related to coding. Although my forum post rate of 2 per day doesn't sound like much, I am very willing to contribute my ideas and opinions to createBlog. Truthfully, I do not show interest in becoming moderator of a forum, but createBlog has lured me with the creativity of its members. I'm enthusiastic about judging the content that cB users have to submit to the community. Moreover, I have the ability to consider submissions not only from my point of view but from the perspective of other people as well. I believe I can benefit the forums and the staff with my effort to behave in a professional yet friendly manner.

With all that said, I hope you all don't view me as a conceited know-it-all, but rather as an individual who is willing to enrich createBlog. XD.gif

- The Markster

- - - - - - - -

Contact Info —
AIM: M A R K 0 T i X (The "o" is a zero, btw.)
Email: themarksterr@gmail.com
cB Private Message: Clickity-click

But I'd appreciate it if you guys could kindly get at me on AIM first. I'm usually on in the afternoon until late at night, Pacific Timezone (US & Canada).
post Jul 24 2007, 05:14 PM
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Hey everyone, I'm Ricky. I previously had a staff position earlier this year, but regrettably stepped down for personal reasons - most of which involving school. I've come to understand that although knowledge is important, it shouldn't be the main focus driving your life. I'm not saying dropping out should be an option, but find time for other things to fill your life with also. A good person once told me "It doesn't matter if your 1st or 2nd in your class because you're only going to be recognized for what, 30 minutes to an hour on Graduation night?" This really hit home when they told me this. It made me realize that I was really trying to achieve something that is reachable, however not exactly probable mentioning the fact that I'm up against around 5 people for the top two positions. Anyway, let's step out of my life and get to the issue at hand.

I'm applying for Design Staff.
I'm not here to lie so I'm going to lay the facts simply. My post count isn't exactly where it should be (acceptable) considering I've been a member since early 2006. I didn't really start becoming active until about 6 - 7 months later when I started designing for Createblog, submitting layouts as frequently as I could. So this issue has really damaged my so-called "activity" around the forums. I am genuinely a nice person when it comes to posting and being helpful around the community of which the Resource Forums is where I feel most comfortable. I am always attentive and quick to reply to questions via posting or PM. I am blunt and straight-forward whether it involves asking for Scripts, Codes, Tutorials, even if it is the same queries day after day. I have had altercations in the past and recently, mainly with issues involving jocking. I'm not saying my designs are Grade "A" or Top-Quality but jocking is the one thing I absolutely loath. Especially when designers specifically read "Do Not Jock My Layouts/Codes" or "Do not jock, redistribute, or alter". But, I've come to realize you cannot always control what occurs on the internet. I absolutely love Web/Graphic design. I have been creating designs for a little over 3 years and I'm always finding new and innovative ways to increase my designs further. I am qualified in the areas of HTML, CSS, and PHP (Wordpress Theming). I fluctuate mainly between Myspace and Website (sometimes Xanga) designs. I thank you for reviewing my application and I wish everyone the best of luck during this hiring process. thumbsup.gif

AIM - secretxninja2010
Email - solis_1992@hotmail.com
PM - X
post Jul 24 2007, 08:08 PM
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Hey my name is Danny and that i would like to be in this createblog website.I'm into animation so i would like to help this website have more animation.I would like to get hired for this and that i will be glad for wat i am doing. _smile.gif .So i hope that i make this a fortune and have me hired.

Thanks and Goodbye
post Jul 24 2007, 11:17 PM
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u dont know wut ur missin until it shows up at ur door

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My name is Paulina and I am applying for People Staff. I may not be qualified because I do not post the required amount of posts, but I am truly dedicated to helping people when they need it. For the past 5 years, my job has been to help people. Not only is it my job, but helping people has always made me happier. Knowing that someone's life has just become a little bit easier because of my help, means the world to me. I am happy that I have joined a website where I can post the graphics I love making, and being a part of the staff to help people makes it that much better.
post Jul 25 2007, 02:29 AM
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Hello Createblog Staff,

As you all know, my name is Elba. I am applying for the position of people staff. I think I would be the best qualified out of all the applicants. I am fun, awesome, attractive, bitchy, competetive, humerous, etc. I like to have a good time; I like to have a good laugh. I have been here longer than most (About three and a half years... Damn, that's a lot). I am liked by most--unless you are not cool. CB has actually started to get more fun. And why is that? Becuase I came back, duh.

Don't hire Steven, because he is too tall. Don't hire Michelle because she is too cute. Don't hire Thomas because he speaks too much about being a previous staff member. While we are on that subject, I too used to be on staff. & I'll tell you what, I was much, much better at it than Diana is rolleyes.gif Okay, now where was I? Oh yeah. Don't hire Steph because she is too nice. Don't hire Frankie because he is... uh, just because he has a high chance of being hired. Hire me, because I am Elba. victory.gif & I am what you guys need to go back to being cool and well liked by the community. Oh, and I'm effing hot. eyebrowes.gif

You can contact me via
myspace: http://www.myspace.com/angeliceyz00
aim: angeliceyz00

or just PM me.
post Jul 25 2007, 02:30 AM
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Good morning,

In case you can't tell, my name is Sandra. I'm 19 years old. I joined cB in the early year of 2004. Although, I had another username [Sandra (insert numbers)]. I've been through it all; I've been a spammer, a lurker, a troll ... so I can understand practically every member / issue going on.
Please, do not let my post count fool you; I'm a very active member. I rarely get into trouble and everyone thinks I'm cute / adorable. Why shouldn't they? I hardly pick sides, I'm a people's person. I love cB with my whole cute heart. I know I can make this site a better place. Say goodbye to spammers, say hello serious / interesting topics.

Also, I know practically every staff member and we get along quite well.

I am really familiar with the community guidelines.

If not taken, you've lost a valuable asset.

This application isn't a joke, I mean it.

I think the people need me to be their staff so I'm applying for a people staff spot.

I am the missing 'it' on this forum. You've found me, take me.

Here I am, this is me, there's nowhere else on earth I'd rather be, oooh here I am, just me and you, tonight we make our dreams come true.

Hire me cB! I am the 'it'!

Oh, you can only contact me through PM.

PS: if you hire me, I'll fire Diana.
post Jul 25 2007, 12:34 PM
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dear cB superiors,
i would like to introduce myself. my name is spencer. throughout life, i've been through many hardships, but nothing could amount to me wanting to become part of the people staff here at cB. through the many hardships like living in a van down by the river and not having enough gas money, i've come to realize that this is the position for me. not only am i devoted, but my past experience as a mod shows how dedica...wait, i was never a mod. so please please please please please please please hire me.



dear cB superiors,
i would probably be the best mod because i can actually have fun. though half of you don't take me seriously, i can be serious. the past is the past, and although i'll own up to what i do, i don't think it should be the determining factor of why i won't be hired. i've been around this place for over 2 years and know the ins and outs of almost everything. i could bring a bright side to the actual staff team and perhaps get them to loosen up just a bit and not take things personally. not that everything has to have a loosening up party for it, but i feel i can at least voice what needs changing. disagree with me all you want, but i really do feel i could do a good job. i feel that if anyone should at least be given a shot, i'm your man. also, from past mistakes, it can be noted that i am at least on most nights, sometimes fairly late, unlike most mods. oh, i forgot that i helped with by-laws which a lot of it is effective on cB today.

thank you for letting me waste your time. (i'm serious about this thing, too)


aim- sp3nca
i also have a p/m box but since ya'll took me down to a member, i have like 2 message spots left.
post Jul 25 2007, 08:48 PM
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My Name Is Rico.

Applying for People Staff:

I already know due to my past here i am not a prime candidate for this position. But I would like to say i will still try and obied by the rules of CB and represent it the way it should of been the first time I joined. Some might see this as a joke, but i see it as a opportunity to prove others wrong and show that i can Administrate this site like i am currently running my own business.

So Thank you for reading this.
Have a spectacular afternoon.

For my Interview you can contact me threw skype or ventrilo to make the interview process easier.

I as well have some new ideas i would like to apply to the forums.
sadolakced acid
post Jul 26 2007, 12:39 PM
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dripping destruction

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I don't typically like deleting posts unless I tell the poster ahead of time (if time permits) but, and I'm sorry for this, you need to post what at least resembles an application.

QUOTE(sadolakced acid @ Jul 26 2007, 12:44 PM) *
Make me fucking intersts mod, bitches!

Hell yea!


I'm sorry if you are unable to see the point of my application; however, it is legitamate and in my opinion has the same likelihood of me being made interests mod as if i posted a suck up post that other people call applications.

While I do not expect that everyone will understand the meaning of my application, those who matter will.

And while my previous applications for interests mod were not deleted, I have reason to believe they were generally disregarded as such.

You guys may not like my ideas, and you guys may not like my methods. But you know I'm right.

And right now you don't need a popular mod, or even a nice mod. You need a mod who knows what's coming and how to fix it, but deep down inside you know I'm right. cB is going down. And you have no idea how to stop it, so you just refuse to accept it.

Let's go over some things i suggested in the past that were ignored, but are now once again in consideration.

1. Mods for specific forums in community center.
2. Support for layouts for more sites.
3. Forum Reorganization.

So what I need is access to backstage so I can tell you guys what needs to be done. Oh, why can't I do it through feedback? Because it doesn't work. We've seen that already. You guys don't listen to me.

So yea, that's what "Make me fucking intersts mod, bitches!Hell yea!" means, for those of you who don't understand.
post Jul 27 2007, 04:08 AM
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LOL @ acid. I doubt you'll find any respectable job with that attitude. Here's a tip: Work at acquiring the position first before introducing these ideas in such a way which may be passed off as ludicrous. You may just end up like that guy from Live Free or Die Hard biggrin.gif ....

Anyways, back on topic: I'd like to apply for the People Staff position. I don't meet the requirements due to lack of activity for the past forever or so. You may disregard this whole application after just reading that but if you're still interested you may find that I exceed the qualifications listed in the desired areas. Passion: I am always striving to do my best whenever I get interested in something. When I first snowboarded I fell all over the place, but I enjoyed it so much I pushed myself to learn every aspect of it and now I can bust board slides on boxes and rails and do 180s of ramps (still working on those 360s). I also got myself interested in Photoshop, Flash, HTML, Film editing (Final Cut), Audio editing (Adobe Audition, Mix Meister), and people go to me to fix their computers (hardware and software alike) all for the pure enjoyment. *I can prove my knowledge in any of those fields if requested upon. I can keep going on about my passion but I believe those captured my point. Dedication: I love this part because I learned so much about this from different positions I held in real life situations. I was part of a dance team in high school and college. Let me tell you this: If you aren't dedicated at this you will never pull through when it comes down to the performance. When you're part of the team, you commit to it 101%. If you straggle behind, your team will suffer (especially in competition when you see that one dude off count and it kills you by those 5 points you needed to beat the opposition). Being dedicated to your work is everything to success. This also ties in with passion, I can't imagine someone so dedicated to something that they're not passionate about unless their lives depended on it (i.e. work). Dance is a passion. Creativity: Boy, I love this part! This is what I live for. I can't stress how much of importance being creative is a part of my life. Without it, life to me would be pointless. Anyways, enough jibber jabber about who great it is and more on the examples! Okay, I have demonstrated creativity when I was on my high school's newspaper that ran weekly (one of the few in this nation) called The Moor. I served as a Features page editor which allowed me to create a whole range of dynamic layouts that you wouldn't normally on newspapers but in magazines instead. I got the chance to utilize a design team to create the layouts that were to be developed and shaped by the content varying from week to week. (A funny tidbit: Our newspaper adviser tried out to be the red Power Ranger). This not only allowed me to express my creativity but required me to edit the context of the content which were to either stir up controversy or bring up issues at hand. I had to make sure that everything that was to be published wouldn't offended people as well which was kind of hard to do in such a diverse and stereotypical society. Sometimes this couldn't be avoided and we had to do damage control. I still enjoyed it immensely though. Except for those days we were racing against the clock to meet deadlines (weekly publications are hell! I can't imagine how the LA Times and other newspapers do it daily...well maybe their staff of a million helps...). Leading by examples: Ohh, I'm so glad you put this here because I can't tell you how many people promise things and don't deliver. I can tell you this because I heard a load of promises that were broken from a whole lot of people (this is the way life is I guess, just look at all those damn politicians). I am a part of a professional business fraternity. I want to stress the professional and business part because it's not like those other fraternities that get drunk and party from dusk til dawn. This fraternity only accepts business majors who want to further their studies in the field of business and share those interests with fellow brothers. This a nationwide fraternity and very well organized. When I was pledging for this fraternity I served as the President. It was one of the best times of my life. I worked closely together with a team of pledges which were required to throw three types of events: Professional, Fund raising, and Social (we have our fun). During this time together I had to deal with conflicts, communication, and keeping morale high. I focused on allowing everyone to work in a stress free environment while pledging because we had to deal with school along with arranging all these events along with other requirements held by the fraternity. We all made it through and had a blast at the same time, which was what I was aiming for because I believe in that "all work and no play..." deal. As of now after crossing I am serving as the Vice President of Chapter Operations. A couple of my responsibilities lie with keeping the chapter in order. I also offered up a couple of my skills in maintaining a forum for our website which I am currently operating at the moment. I look forward to continue serving my position to the best of my ability in the following quarter. I can assure you that I do not poses any of the bad qualities you listed but it's getting late and I need to rest after a long day at summer school which I'm glad is over yet sad at the same time. FYI, it was a photography class and I learned so much that I began to love photography and craving a digital SLR.... O.O

I just realized I maybe applying for nothing, but that was kind of fun...I might use this as my resume haha!

*Edited for not reading instructions...damn game over for me already...ohh wellz that was fun laugh.gif
post Jul 27 2007, 09:16 AM
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Hello cB current staff; my name is Ashley and I am interested in the Designer position. I have been using cB continuously for about five years now, getting a lot of use from the tracker you've created for web designers. I have been seriously in the web design area for about seven years now, actually creating my first website when I was about 11. I have in the last three years found myself in love with graphics art and helping those around me with my talents. Web design/graphics art is looking to be a future major of mine once entering college and I would be elated for the opportunity to help such an amazing, established site as cB. I'd like to think that I am well spoken and charismatic, allowing me to help answer questions and add on to the wonderful atmosphere cB has already created. I have been known to be extremely passionate in anything and everything I do, striving to make it near perfect, and putting my heart into it all. Since all you've asked for is a paragraph, I'd hate to write a novel as an application, so I'm going to end at that. This would be such an amazing opportunity, and I'm sure whoever you pick is completely deserving of the position.

If you consider me for the job, my email is: ashleymadau@gmail.com
Hoping to hear from you guys!
post Jul 27 2007, 09:46 AM
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My name is Dana, and I would like to be part of the design support team here at CB. I have lots of experience with graphic design as well as html, and I am learning other scripts daily. Personally, I believe that what I do best is work with people. I absolutely love helping others, and graphics is a big hobby of mine. I've always gotten graphics from the site, and the chance to be able to help back would be a wonderful experience. I have constant availability to computers, and I am a dedicated, hard worker. Part of this comes from the fact that I co-own a small computer business, known as "Wakefieldtech USA". I hope you will consider me for the job.

Dana M.

My e-mail is: dcmcallister@wakefieldtech.com
AIM: danaa x dinosaur

Thanks again.
sadolakced acid
post Jul 27 2007, 01:39 PM
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dripping destruction

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Hello, I'l like to apply for people staff. As a people staff member i would strictly enforce all rules as well as maintain a professional attitude. I'm going to be in college next year and I like cats. I think the mod team is doing a great job I just want to help out a bit since it seems like you guys are swamped that much. Please don't take my previous modship into consideration or the terms of my leaving last time. I have the experience you need and the dedication you trust. No double poster will get away with me as mod. By the way, the first post says nothing about only one application per user, bitches! Oh, and contact me via PM for interview.

post Jul 29 2007, 11:13 PM
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I'd like to apply for Mentor, because all former Admins and Headstaff are supposed to be retired to the groovy Mentor Squad, but somehow I was missed.

I don't appreciate this, guys. In fact, I'm pissed off.

I won't forget this. stubborn.gif
post Jul 30 2007, 01:34 PM
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Senior Member

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Hello CB staff, Iím Melissa. Iím applying for a position on People staff. Iíve been around CB community since 2005 and am always active around the forums. Iíve seen CB evolve and go through many versions. Also, I meet all the requirements and have a ppd of 9.2. I believe I am what youíre looking for; I applied when CB was hiring the past few times, keeping my head up high, decided to apply once again. I am a responsible member of the community, I also enjoy helping others and making them feel welcome. I am passionate about helping and leading others to there answers and am dedicated to this forum. I will be able to help CB community improve with my creative ideas Iíve been stirring up on the side and contributing/sharing them with the community in whole.
Thanks muchos :D

[note: cb4 isn't compatible with my internet, so there's no topics made by me yet]

Contact Information:
AIM: jengalang1015 or jeng butbut PM me ahead of time because Iím on privacy so youíll see me Ďofflineí when Iím really online unless youíre on my buddylist, but PM me first so I can add you.
EMAIL: jeng1015@hotmail.com
MSN: jeng1015@hotmail.com
post Jul 30 2007, 04:36 PM
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yawn :)

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Hello. I am Chantul(but better known as Kiki) on CB and I am applying for the position on People Staff. Even though I have not been active for a while and just came back recently I think i would be a wonderful addition to the staff. Even though my ppd is .2(6.98) below the requirement I can easily fix that. I am very passionate about helping people. I will also make sure that I am following and obeying all rules and make sure that the rest of CB(including fellow mods) is doing the same. I will also be a little strict but not too strict(I beileve in having fun while still following the rules). I could also bring some new and creative ideas to Cb. If you hire me I will do as much as I can to fulfill my duties as a staff member. You would have made an excellent choice if you choose me.

Contact Info

Aim: XaphextwingirlX or cardboardpaper
E-mail: XaphextwingirlX@aol.com
OR you can just PM me.
post Jul 31 2007, 02:33 AM
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"Not a nice guy."

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hey motherf**kers hire me right now too i'll be ap eople staff and i'll warn all the dipshits who need warnings such as staff members and shit like that
lick my left nut bitches hhahahahahah
i am the king
and f**king mel dont hire her, she has no life and always wants to f**king get on staff what a piece of shit dumb ho

Oh ya, and i'm better than all of you because um i live in socal and i'm WHITE
white power suck my dick nigra

i havep assion to tho,
post Jul 31 2007, 09:38 AM
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Yay for last day applications. I thought I should do this since someone did want me to apply again, don't want to let them down.

Ello Cb staffies,

Hope your doing swell. I'm really applying for either a people staff position or design staff position, honestly any one that you see fit. I've been on design staff and myspace staff when that was around, I know what I'm talking about and I know what it takes to be a mod. I adore helping people in which I still do it. I know how to go through the queue and have good requirements that don't limit what layouts are being accepted. I like the idea or equality through the forum as well which seems to be lacking sometimes I've come to notice. Even if people have a bad past you still got to give them another chance to redeem themselves. I know I've made little mistakes in the past but who hasn't? Forgive and forget? For people staff position, I use to always be quite active through the community forums, I like giving relationship advice in the past and I'm usually good for giving advice in the girls locker room. Many other forums as well, even though I haven't been that active in the past two months which seems to be one of the requirements I hope you all remember me when I was active. I may have changed a little. I have plenty of time to be active now and I know a few people can remmeber how active I can be. Woo I didn't like the sound of this I think it could have been better. >_>

Oh, I can make myspace, xanga, and website layouts. If I need to learn how to make blogger I'll put it as a goal to reach and learn how to :] I'm guessing I don't need to leave examples of work?

AIM: HollyInfinite
or well you can PM me :]

Thanks for your time,
& the best of luck to everyone flowers.gif
post Jul 31 2007, 02:13 PM
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i've never wanted anything rationale.

Group: Staff Alumni
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Joined: May 2004
Member No: 19,045

Well I'm gonna give this another go, I am Rachel and I'd love to be people staff again, ehh third times a charm right? I've been around cB for a long f**king time, Elba's got me beat by a few months. I've seen this place at it's prime and at it's lowest points. I know how this site works and how to balance my personality with responsibility. I can joke around and spam and poke fun, but I do know when to stop and MODERATE. I have all the passion, dedication, and creativity necessary to really make this site better and fun again. As of right now, I think there is a pretty negative image of the moderating team and those on staff and I could go into detail of who I think of staff sucks and which applicants suck, but I'd rather just get back on staff and then makes changes. I think hiring me, along with some of the "trouble makers" will lighten up the mood and help the mods lose the nazi-stigma. Ya'll need some fresh blood and even though I've been around the block a few times, I feel like I can do a hell of a lot of good.

AIM: Rachelis4lovers
E-mail: Rschein1@ithaca.edu
PM etc.
post Jul 31 2007, 06:18 PM
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Group: Member
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Joined: Oct 2006
Member No: 475,582


I'm Megan Elizabeth.
I create my own layouts.
I would Love To Add To Your Style.
You Could Reach me at:

post Jul 31 2007, 10:58 PM
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Times up! Thanks to all for applying! _smile.gif

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