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Posted by: tripvertigo Nov 12 2007, 04:08 PM

Here in the showcase booth, we welcome you to show off your latest designs; whether they are personal websites, myspace, xanga, blogger, or livejournal layouts, blends, vectors, photo retouches - anything involving graphic or web design... even photography!

But before posting, please read the following rules.



Any form of Jocking will not be tolerated on CreateBlog. This includes, but is not limited to:


Please minimize the number of short posts such as "That's nice," "Cool layout," "This sucks," "I like it," etc. We appreciate your opinion, but would like to see more constructive criticism or maybe you could elaborate as to why you have that opinion.


We realize that this is a place to showcase your sites or designs, but that does not mean you can post a link to your site only to get new members. You should be posting to showcase your design.

By posting here, you agree to abide by these rules. In addition to the rules listed above, the community guidelines and terms of service also apply here. Anyone breaking the rules is subject to punishment at the discretion of the moderating staff.


Follow these guidelines when you showcase your work.
  1. If you are showcasing a myspace layout, please be sure that your account is not set as Private. If you do not want to take yourself off Private status, then at least include a screenshot in your topic so other people can see your layout. Your topic may be closed if no one can even see your layout to begin with.
  2. Showcasing your work here leaves you open to both good and bad criticism. Understand that while some people may think your design is great, others may have different opinions. Please do not be offended or take things personally when you get a bad critique. Instead, learn from it.
  3. We understand that discussions about your design may get out of hand for one reason or another. In those cases, a moderator may jump in to mediate or put a stop to the conflict. Disobeying a moderator's orders may result in a verbal warning or increase in your warning level.
  4. Please do not showcase your sites if you have done nothing with it. For example, if you register an account on myspace and dont even change anything on your profile, in terms of colors and design.