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Posted by: micron Jan 26 2004, 08:18 PM

These forums are to be PG-13, which means no explicit images and/or text (no nudity and pornographic text). Please remember that we have some young people browsing through the forums. Anyone posting obscene content will be warned and any offensive or obscene pictures used as avatars or signatures will be removed.

To enhance the experience of these forums, please do not post just for the sake of posts counts. We care more about what you say than how many times you can hit the "add reply" button. This includes repeated posts (even in different threads), and anything unrelevant to the topic at hand.

Think before you post. Everyone is different and everyone has different stances on certain issues. A little tact is never a bad thing. When you have an argument, it's better to post with reasoning justifying your views. Avoid saying things that creates or has the potential of creating controversy.

Flaming, trolling, member bashing-you name it-will not be tolerated here. If you're making an argument, it's always better to retort with reason and composure. Personal attacks are childish and have no place in these forums.

CreateBlog now has spoiler tag option when posting. Please use it to ensure that any spoilers remain hidden. To use the spoiler tags use the following code:


To read spoiler text, just highlight the text to read it. Don't ruin it for others!
This rule will be retroactively enforced, specifically if it has been previously requested not to post or show any type of spoiler.

Spoilers can be defined as: Anything that divulges information intended to be a surprise, such as a plot twist in a movie or a book.

Spoilers CANNOT be used in signatures or icons. Spoilers CANNOT be discussed WITHOUT the use of spoiler tags. Even if you put "SPOILER" in the topic title, you must use the spoiler tags in the post. IF you choose to post a spoiler without a spoiler warning in the topic title (DO NOT post a spoiler in the title, or in a sequence of titles to make out the spoiler when a Forum Board is read)without the use of tags, you will find yourself with an invisible post and a verbal warning. Repeated use of spoilers without following these rules will result in additional warnings, including a moderator preview with possible suspension. Repeat violations of the spoiler rule will lead to more serious consequences, including a possible ban.

Take a few extra seconds to use spoiler tags if you think that it's even a slight chance of being a spoiler.

Signatures should not take up more than 300 pixels of vertical space (equivalent to 20 lines of text) and 640 pixels of horizontal space (to prevent from stretching). Signature images should be less than 100kB in file size when combined. They may only contain references and links to personal pages, such as your blogs and profiles; references and links to anything that is not personal, such as websites and outside forums are not allowed.

Starting a topic for the sole purpose of advertising is not allowed. You may not solicit via Private Message. Anything that is not deemed useful or resourceful to the members of CB can be considered advertising. However, since there are a multitude of websites out there, this will have to be followed depending on the situation.

You may not request or post cracks, warez, or hacks at all. This includes serial numbers for software. You may not link to or encourage others by stating where/how to get illegally obtained software, movies, music files, etc.

Using an image/brush/resource/etc. not made by you and which you do not have permission to use is considered jocking. You may not submit a layout or graphic that is not created by you. You may not showcase a graphic or layout with images that is not created by you. When making layouts start by using your own set of scripts, which you can easily find on this site. It is not recommended to use the exact coding of someone else's layout; some do create their own scripts. It may be considered jocking in certain cases. Copyright infringement is a serious issue and you can be held against the law so do not use copyrighted resources unless you have permission to do so. Do not post them here or they may be subjected to closure/deletion.

Duplicates are now allowed in moderation. Please note the following rules:

Using a proxy IP address to register an account is not allowed. If you are caught doing so, you will no longer be allowed to create multiple accounts. If you use your duplicate account to break one of the Community Guidelines, your duplicate account will be removed and your warning level will be increased. If at any point you break a Community Guideline (even for something simple, e.g. spamming), the warning levels of all your accounts will be raised.

Impersonation of other members is strictly prohibited. Staff has been lenient about this in the past, but with the approval of multiple accounts, this rule will be more strictly enforced.

Staff may also revert to the previously stated Multiple Accounts rule if community members abuse the Duplicate Accounts privilege. We're being open to new ideas, so please don't make us regret it.

Creating multiple accounts without permission is NOT allowed. Depending on the severity of the situation, anyone who is caught doing this will receive punishment, which may include raised warning level, mod preview, disabled posting, or a banned account. All duplicate accounts will immediately be disabled. - Updated 8/10/2009

When you sign up to become a Member, you are asked to choose a password. You are entirely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password. You agree not to use the account, username, or password of another Member at any time or to disclose your password to any third party. You agree to notify CreateBlog immediately if you suspect any unauthorized use of your account or access to your password. You are solely responsible for any and all use of your account. This rule is clearly stated in the

If you share an account and that account is associated with a duplicate, banned or otherwise punished account, that shared account is subject to similar punishment, regardless of whether or not the ip is used to register that account.

Any ip address associated with a proxy that is used to register with will be banned, as well as any ip address associated with that registration. Utilizing a proxy ip while posting with an account that was created using a legitimate ip address will not result in the account having an ip ban.

If found posting pictures of other members in order to demean them, the image will be removed and you will have an increased warning and if needed put on mod preview.

Effective 10/17/08, warnings will no longer be given for failing to remove image tags when quoting or failing to thumb large images. That being said, please try to be courteous and not quote an image if the image has been posted on the current page or stretch the forums with large images. Please note that staff members may opt to edit your post to thumb large images and/or remove image tags when posts contain quoted images.

By becoming a member you agree to adhere to these guidelines. These guidelines are subject to change. Members that violate these rules may be warned/suspended, or banned in extreme cases.

Posted by: mzkandi Feb 15 2007, 12:44 AM

Official createBlog Bylaws

Member Punishments
Upon a violation of the and/or a community member is subject to punishment.

I. Verbal Warnings
  1. Verbal Warnings are no longer given.
II. Warning Levels
  1. When a member violates the Community Guidelines and/or Terms of Use they will receive a raised warn level.
    • Said member must be notified of this increase in warning level by means of a PM.
  2. The warning level will be reduced after a period of time deemed appropriate by a staff member, based upon the behavior of the member in question.
    • Members must be notified again by means of a PM when their warning levels are reduced.
  3. Upon reaching a raised warning level of 20%, an official member, designer, or promoter will be demoted the status of member.
    • Members are eligible to reapply for official status upon the reduction of their warning level to 10%.
III. Suspension and IP Bans
  1. If a member persists in violating the community guidelines and/or Terms of Use after they have been issued a raised warning level exceeding 20%, then moderators have the power to suspend said member's account for a period of time that they deem fit.
  2. For the duration of the suspension, the member in question is forbidden both from posting under their original (suspended) account, and from creating new accounts to bypass the suspension.
    • If a new account is created for the purpose of posting during a suspension, then moderators should automatically issue the new account with a suspension.
  3. If, after two suspensions, a member continues to violate the community guidelines, they may be issued with an IP ban to prohibit their posting.
    • In these circumstances, moderators have the power to:
      1. Ban the existing accounts of IP banned members.
      2. Ban any accounts and IPs which a banned member may use to resume posting.
Member Groups and Requirements

Official Members:Moderators:The Hiring Process

Applications and Nominations
  1. When new moderators are required, a hiring thread will be created by an administrator in the
  2. Here, members who meet the aforementioned requirements may submit an application for a staff position.
  3. Furthermore, if an administrator, head staff, or staff member wishes to, they may nominate a member of the community to be considered.
    • For instance, if the nominee is deemed exceptionally qualified but does not meet one or more of the aforementioned qualifications.
    • The nominee is not bound to accept the nomination and may decline if they so wish.
  4. A deadline will be stated clearly in the hiring thread, after which no more applications or nominations may be made.
  5. A thread will also be created and pinned (generally in, in which members of the community may voice their opinions on the candidates.
  6. Applicants are not prohibited from posting in this thread, but their posts therein will be taken into consideration by staff when considering applicants.
  7. This thread will be closely monitored to ensure that opinions and criticisms remain constructive, and that posts do no violate the community guidelines, particularly regarding member bashing.
  8. After the staff is finished with their deliberations, they will announce the new moderators by way of another thread in announcements by an administrator.
    • There is no maximum nor minimum time frame in which these deliberations must take place.
    • There is no maximum nor minimum number of new moderators who must be hired in any given hiring session.

Posted by: Insurmountable Dec 9 2007, 10:28 PM

A separate post should be give to explain spam.

Spam in the Resource Center:

Spam in the Community Center:Any rules and guidelines posted separately from the community guidelines (ie: pinned topics) are included as well.

Posted by: superstitious Aug 11 2008, 07:01 PM

Moderator Guidelines

Below you will find the majority of Moderator Guidelines. We have left out some of the Design related technical guidelines/instructions.

First and foremost, staff members are here to make sure everyone has a fun experience in these forums. They are here to help out whenever they can, contribute and make interesting new topics, and generally, be nice and sensible! They also enforce the community guidelines, police the forums whenever problems arise, and act as mediators to resolve the disputes, mediators meaning they should never willingly participate to contribute to the problem. They are the solution, not the problem! They also police these forums in a sense that they lessen general mayhem by organizing and making sure that topics in their respective forums belong where they are. Another responsiblity staff members have is to promote the community "togetherness", by making sure everyone feels welcome, participating in the sitewide initiatives, and create some of their own. Generally, staff members have the gaurantee of the site's good grace and support in whatever initiatives, contests, polls they start. So be free and think of ways how you can play a central role in the fastest growing blog community!

At the end of each topic page, they are options that staff members may exercise as moderators. These are: move this topic, close this topic, delete this topic, edit title topic, pin this topic, unsubscribe all from topic, merge topic, and split topic. They may also edit individual posts in the forums they moderate. Staff members should be cautious when excercising their moderating abilites and delete a topic only as a last resort action.

A member is warned when they violate the or the for this site. When warning a member, post a reply in the topic of Make sure that you check back to that topic to make sure that an users warn level is decreased when two weeks pass.

First time offense: (Please note, we are longer giving verbal warnings.) When warning a member, click on the red block beneath their username. If you do not have the power to raise a members warn log in a certain forum, please do not ignore that they should be warned. You should either contact an on-line staff member who has the power in that forum to warn them, or post in the appropriate thread Backstage (either the Design Staff, or People Staff threads.)

Warning Options:
    Enforce moderator preview of all new posts?
  • When the member that you are warning makes a post on the forum the only people who are able to view the post are people with moderating abilities in that forum. Upon seeing the members posts they will either set them to be visible (so everyone using the forums can see them) or decline to make them visible.

    Disable this members posting ability
  • This option does not allow the member to post. Generally, this is used for members who have repeatedly broken the forums rules, or for members who have only made advertising posts. When a member is being warned for advertising, and has only made one post, this option is often used.

    Suspend member's account
  • This, unlike the option above, does not allow the member to use or view the forums.

Other notes:
*There are other moderator functions not mentioned here, if you have questions regarding any functions, please feel free to ask one of the more experienced staff member.


As everyone is under the law, as staff members you are expected to follow the community guidelines, if not more closely than regular members. Moreover, you agree to be active and maintain a minimum average of 5 posts per day. When on leave, you are expected to notify me and the rest of the team by posting in backstage with the duration of your leave. Excessive leaves and inactive staff members are subject to demotion.

You are also expected to have createblog as your priority if you are involved in any other community websites. You agree not to publicly affiliate yourself with any websites you are involved in, either through your posts, pms, signatures, and profile. And you may not affiliate yourself with any competing websites, competing as in websites that offer similar services for the same targeted audience.

Lastly, we maintain a zero tolerance policy for staff members abusing their power. By "abuse" we mean staff members deliberately using their moderating capabilities to harass members, threaten or give members warnings because of personal grudges, or any other kind of actions performed with malicious intention.

*Staff members who fail to abide with all of the above are subject to demotion.

Please, mods, be the bigger person and try not to overuse swear words. Swearing isn't a crime or anything, but please try to do so in moderation as it does reflect on the staff as a whole and it can be used against us. There is absolutely no reason to excessively curse, because it doesn't even resolve the issue in about 99% of the cases, even if it's done casually. No matter what, however, DO NOT curse at or bash another member. That is a rule in the Community Guidelines and were are bound by those rules, just as anyone is.

Rule updated: 4/21/2006


Here are some guidelines to help you decide whether or not to move a topic to another forum.

as there seems to be confusion among the staff members, here are some guidelines. you can also reread the moderator guidelines topic. it has a lot of good tips.
Note from Jusun: im intentionally leaving out what to moderate. thats because id like to trust your judgements more. be sensible and reasonable. and if youre unsure if something needs to be moderated, ask yourself: what would so-and-so have done? where so-and-so is a fellow staff who you consider more experienced. and never be afraid to consult other staff members to help you make a decision!

Topics/posts containing advertisements or porn can be deleted immediately. Spam topics must be closed for at least 24 hours before deleting them. Use your judgment, if it's just one or a couple of topics, leave them closed. If it's several, you may delete them (after 24 hours). The only time it is acceptable to delete spam topics without waiting is if they are posted in bulk, as in 15 or more.


Please do not pass around your password to anyone who is not a staff and do not discuss anything that goes on backstage with other members. Backstage is only for staffs. Any mod caught abusing this rule will be demodded on the spot.
If some members already know your pw please change it.


as per the moderator terms of agreement, you may not be affiliated with any competing website. any website offering similar services for the same target audience fall under the "competing" catagory. and by website, i do not mean blogs or personal website, but websites intended for the public at large. if you are currently affiliated with a competing website, you must either relinquish your position here or there. this is to ensure that the staff members do not serve dual purposes, as can so easily be the case if you affliated with another competing site.


Staff members should never ACTIVELY seek to moderate topics. We want to give people as many opportunities to participate as possible! It's really hard to get to know the people if you dont interact with them. So back off a bit and let them! You're not here to POLICE the forums, you're here to make it a better place! Please remember that!

So that means, instead of actively moderating, only moderate things that MUST be moderated. Like spam. But other than that, you should try to be friendly and help build a fun, friendly, and tightnit community.

Also, keep in mind that "The lounge" should be free from moderating, except if it's blatant spam (which is to be moved to the VIP Lounge) and/or violation of the community guidelines and forum rules.

Lets try to keep pinned topics less than five per forum. It's counter intuitive when there's too many as people will be more likely to skip through them altogether, not giving the topics the attention they really deserve. Plus, it clutters the rest of the forum, and becomes quite a hassle to scroll down 32432432 pinned topics just to get to the regular ones.

SO. If you must make a new pinned topic, make sure that there's a REALLY RAELLY good reason for doing so. If there is something similar already pinned, its much better to add to the topic than make your own one!

ATTN: NEW STAFF MEMBERS - About Probationary Periods
As new staff members, you each will be subject to a probationary period of one month. During this trial period, the upper staff will be observant of your behavior, and you can be let go at any time without necessarily having been told that you need improvement. Of course, our judgment will be fair, but if we feel like you aren't doing your job, you will be let go.

After probation, in contrast, you will obviously be extended a bit more leniency, as you've proved that you can do a good job and that you are capable, you're a presence both in the community AND in backstage discussions.

staff members should not close / resolve topics that directly relate to his / her performance to ensure that the matter has been thoroughly and properly investigated. Also, please touch base with the individual posting the Feedback topic prior to closing and/or moving to the Resolved Feedback forum. This ensures that feedback is properly addressed.

Posted by: superstitious Aug 25 2008, 02:16 PM

Minor update -

Spamming ANYWHERE (except for Forum Games and the VIP Lounge) is subject to raised warn levels. This includes spamming tutorial submissions and spamming invididuals' PM inboxes.

Posted by: karmakiller Mar 30 2009, 09:52 PM

NSFW (Not Safe For Work) - This ONLY applies to the VIP Lounge. If you are posting questionable material, please include this tag in the topic title and also indicate what the content is (do not make NSFW topics with misleading titles). If you are posting content that is questionable as a reply in a topic you MUST indicate that it is NSFW and leave images as links. NSFW topics and posts will not be tolerated in any other forum and even if a member uses the NSFW tag in the topic title or post said member will be warned.