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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions, Please read before posting!
post Jun 13 2007, 02:54 PM
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Please read all of this before posting a topic in Xanga Support!

Reference Links: cB's Xanga Scripts | cB's Big Book of Resources | Common Fonts | cB's Tutorials | Hex Color Codes | Xanga Sponsored Help

Q: How do I make a Xanga layout?
A: Check out this tutorial

Q: How do I get rid of my current theme?
In your Look and Feel, under "Header" Select "Input your own Header HTML" and then "Save Changes." Sometimes, Xanga is stubborn. In that event, type some random letters in your header, and then Save Changes. Sometimes this takes several attempts _smile.gif But most importantly, don't click "Public Preview" - just go straight to "Save Changes."

Q: How do I get rid of the Xanga advertisement at the top of my page?
A: By getting Xanga Premium. Createblog does not support the ad remover, and you run the risk of getting your site shut down. It's not a fun process.

Q: I wanna customize my profile... you know, where I post memories and interests and where my photos are. How can I change the colors and stuff?
A: I hate to break it to ya, but that is as un-customizable as facebook.

Q: Help! I've used a skin that takes away my Looks and Feel link! How do I get to it?!
A: Click this link: http://xanga.com/CLAF

Q: How do I get text to wrap around a picture or icon in my blog?
A: When using the image code, add "align=left" like this:
<img src="URL OF IMAGE HERE" align=left>

Q: How do I bold, underline or italicize the words in my entries?
A: You could just use the xTools editor now, but if you want to go about it the old school way... First, click "Edit HTML", then paste the following into the box where you write your entries.
  • Bold
  • Underline
  • Italic
Q: Where can I find the URL of a song?
A: PLEASE do not ask or start a topic on that per forum rules. If you need to find a URL, try searching altavista.com's audio search option, or try alltheweb.com.

Q: Where can I upload images or music?
A: For images, we recommend imageshack. And good news! Xanga now lets you upload your own music!!! Click HERE to upload them to Xanga's server.

Q: I want to make a layout, and I want to include the correct links in my navigation section or my image mapping. What are the important and vital ones to have?
A: Here's a list of some important links for your Xanga Skin.
  • Sign In:
  • CLAF:
  • Subscribe:
  • Guestbook:
  • Profile:
  • Subscriptions (private view):
  • Feedback:
  • Sign Out:
  • Add Photo:
  • Add Video:
  • Add Audio:
  • Add Pulse:
Q. How do i get an extra module where I can put images and other html in?
and remember, these codes DO support html tags!!!!

Q: I'm doing something wrong when I'm image mapping... what is it?
A: Maybe this will help:
1. Make sure the USEMAP part of your image code matches the NAME of your map.
  • EX.<map name="rawr"> means USEMAP="#rawr"
2. Make sure your blog's div layer isn't covering up your image map.
  • EX. Div is 415px wide and image is 400px wide. Fix the div layer in that case.
3. Make sure that there's no spaces in your map name.
  • EX. "rawr map" must become "rawr_map" or "rawrmap" or something of that nature.
4. Make sure you have height&width defined. The map doesn't know where to start/stop otherwise.
  • EX. <img src="url" border=0 usemap="#imgmap"> becomes something like <img src="url" border=0 usemap="#imgmap" width="400px" height="600px">
Q: Is there a way I can image map my graphic without using Adobe Image Ready?
A: Click HERE for an online image mapper. This image mapper only works in Internet Explorer.

Q: HELLLLP! Someone's hacked into my account and/or shut down my site! What do I do?
A: Contact Xanga: http://help.xanga.com/about/emailus.htm
Unfortunately, your Xanga probably won't be recovered... but it's worth a shot contacting the Xanga Team.

Q: How do I delete all of my xanga entries at once?
A: Click HERE.

Q: I want to shut my site down, but I don't want to shut it down FOREVER... or I want to make it look like it's shut down. Any tips?
A: Try this script or this script - they will make your site look shut down without really being shut down... so you can re-activate it whenever you want without losing your username. It's as easy as removing the code _smile.gif

Xanga Request FAQ!

Since the introduction of cB4 The xanga request forums along with all other request forums have been removed. Due to that factor all requests need to be made through profiles. You may
  • Comment someone's profile to see who makes custom layouts or designs.
  • PM someone who you think may make custom layouts or designs.
Please refrain from making a topic about it because it will be closed by Design Staff. Try your best to find someone who will may be able to help you. As a note its best to check out the people that submit layouts to cB or post graphics. Try not to bug them but ask nicely and politely.

All comments in this thread will be deleted if they do not add Q and A that aren't approved. So, PLEASE don't reply to this thread.

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