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Debating Debates., What's the point of them?
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post Oct 1 2010, 01:12 AM
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QUOTE(KaraYankit @ Jan 7 2010, 04:06 AM) *
I just wanted to ask the question, What's the point of a debate?
and I have a feeling that a whole debate is going to happen because I asked this...and it IS in the debate forum...hmmm.

SO, to my point, debates really don't get anyone anywhere now do they?
Okay, sure, you got your point across, so what? 90% of the time the other person isn't going to eventually agree with you and side with you now.

We all have our beliefs.
Mine may be different than yours, but what's the point of debating about it if we don't accomplish anything from it?

I mean, I always see Abortion, Gay Marriage, and God Debates. those are the three most popular ones. I just don't see the point of hopping in one of those debates and throwing my Opinion in other people's faces. The debate is always going to end the same way, with one side believing it's right, and the other believing it is wrong.

I'm pro-choice, and I believe in same sex marriage, and I'm an atheist, but I'm not going to rub my opinions in peoples faces about it, and I think that's all that a debate does. It just pisses people off.

You posting this negates the purpose of the post itself.

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