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Posted by: Blyat Jan 17 2012, 04:15 PM

So around this time, a friend of mine just turned his papers in for his Study abroad for next year. It got me thinking again on how much I've wanted to be able to study abroad, experience a new country, and live the school/social life in the new world.

But, at the same time (which stopped me the first time), I had a few things stopping me, from my major change to renting a house for next year, let alone, how would I have my credits count in another University.

I'm curious to know if anyone here (or had a friend) were able to do this, but I'm also was curious with the particulars in study abroad:

Were you able to get your academic criteria in the school? (and with credits counting)

Did you go to take classes in your major? or just get some liberals done, or which looks better?

Overall was in enjoyable? what was the living/social/experience status you had

I know personal opinion and the school's criteria varies but I enjoy seeing other's opinions and ideas with this subject as well.

Posted by: karmakiller Feb 8 2012, 08:53 PM

Aw no one's replied to you.

You should be able to attend some sort of informational meeting and there you should be able to meet advisers who can help you with academic side of things. For most people it comes down to whether or not they can afford the financial side of things... but if you can, then you should go for it. Odds are you won't regret it and you'll get to experience a lot more than if you were just visiting for a week or two.

I have a friend who's finishing up her last year of college in Europe, and she had to go through a bit more to make sure that her classes are the right ones so that she can get her degree... but that's what the advisers at your school are for.

Posted by: Blyat Feb 9 2012, 02:09 PM

Agreed, I've gone through the adviser and financial part. Now, it's whether or not I can get academics covered, let alone, who can take my rent when I'm not in my home. Sadly, my adviser isn't too helpful with me, so I'll try and speak to an abroad adviser instead.

At this point, I just wanna also hear others opinions to who went, or a friend studied abroad and hear their challenges, experiences, and feelings about it.

But thank you :)