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post Jun 27 2012, 11:06 AM
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Mel Blanc was allergic to carrots.

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So, a couple of days ago, I was threatened to be arrested for vandalism and disorderly conduct. As you may have figured, I was skating.

I'm not sure what I was vandalizing, as all I was skating was a little ledge. I mean, I suppose waxing the ledge and grinding it could be considered vandalism, so I'll give them that. But, it doesn't seem like I made much of a difference to the ledge anyway. The ledge was near the back the building, pretty much isolated from any type of pedestrian traffic. But, even then, when I did see people walking through the area, I would stop skating for a couple of minutes. The only other justified reason I can think of is making noise. Now, I've been skating for roughly 8 years now, so I would suppose I have a certain control. And by control, I mean that I can usually land the trick quickly, and if I don't, I learned not to yell or curse like an idiot. I also tend to be aware of the noise I make (and that's in any situation), so I'll sort of create a steady rhythm (giving a couple of minutes to rest from my next attempt) as to create a bit of occasional noise opposed to constant loud noise. I still acknowledge that noise is noise, though, so whatever.

Anyhow, I wasn't arrested. I decided to be respectful and the cop let me go. Unfortunately, the store owners whom I assume called the police, were not so happy. From what I can recall, I can precisely remember the female store owner saying, "Go on, you fucking prick!" I ignored her and went home. Doesn't mean I wasn't confused, though. She said that right in front of the cop, and the cop didn't do anything. Now, I know it's not a crime (or at least I don't think so) to be "disrespectful", but I figured that someone could have had a bit of decency to tell her to calm down or not say those things. The cop, of all people, didn't do anything. He just walked back to his car nonchalantly.

Ugh. I can't understand why the majority of the public is so biased towards skaters. I know that there is rules and laws, though, so I try not to break them. It's like, people don't see the effort I put into making sure I don't bother them. And if I do, then you shouldn't have to be vulgar with me or call the police. Just ask me to leave and I will. And yes, yes, I know; "skateparks are there for a reason, Mike." What about if I don't have enough gas to go to a skatepark, or not enough money to pay the entry fee to get into one. Hell, some cities don't even have a skatepark, and you have to drive out for miles just to find one. But, I still get shit for skating a little ledge? It's not like I'm going to sue anyone if I get hurt, I figure it's my responsibility for what I do and if I get hurt doing it, then I have to pay the consequences.

Anyway, that's not the point. It seems like the people who have a bad attitude towards skateboarding have never really tried it, and they fail to recognize that skateboarding is becoming more popular everyday. But, then again, there's laws we all have to abide by and that's the bottom line.

I guess what I'm asking is; should people really be more progressive about skateboarding? I mean, they could be more lenient towards it, but if it bothers them, just be polite and ask the skaters to leave. Most skaters even like to promote a store or area just because they will let them skate there for half-an-hour or so. Or, should we stick to the law and not make a big deal out of this unaccepted sport?
post Jul 2 2012, 04:50 PM
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there are a few good four letter words to say to people like that
post Jan 12 2013, 10:44 PM
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Live long and prosper.

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oh man, douchey little business owners like that are why i feel minimal guilt shopping at walmart...

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