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Request a Layout, Graphic or Other Web-based Service!, Rules: Minimum post counts are required to request!
post Oct 16 2007, 03:00 PM
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Adobe Addict

Group: Staff Alumni
Posts: 1,237
Joined: Mar 2005
Member No: 113,043

Welcome to the Request Thread!

(A subforum will be coming in the future after some updates to cB have taken place.)

Want to request a free or paid service? Post it here!
You can request an individual or commercial service.
  • Website Design
  • Logo Design
  • Programming/Coding
  • T-Shirt/Graphic Design
  • Any other Web-based service
Fill out this form to request a free service and post it in this thread.
If you want to request a FREE service from a specific designer listed under FREE Services, fill out the form below and contact them.

  • You must have 50 posts to request a layout.
  • You must have 25 posts to request a graphic.
[b]TYPE OF SERVICE:[/b] (layout, graphic, other)
[b]THEME:[/b] Describe the style, colors, pictures, fonts, you want used. DIV layout, or default (for MySpace). Dimensions (for graphics and logos).
[b]OTHER:[/b] Any other information that would help a designer know about your request.

  • If you are requesting a DIV layout, you should make a drawing and scan it on your computer of a rough layout that you would like for your site.
  • REMEMBER, your request may or may not be fulfilled if is a free service - it all depends on generosity. So don't get mad. Seriously.
If you want to request a PAID Service, fill out the above form and contact a designer below in the PAID Services Section. If you want to see who will offer the best price, post in this thread and specify that you want the best offer.

Designer Contact Information

Paid Services

Name: TJ Marsh
Example(s) of Work: Design Site | Website
Personal Website(s): MySpace | cB Profile
Method of Payment: PayPal
Email: decaydancefbr@aim.com
Instant Message: (AIM) decaydancefbr

Name: Rachael
Example(s) of Work: Portfolio | Layouts | Graphics
Personal Website(s): Myspace | cB Profile
Method of Payment: PayPal
Email: myfragrance@aol.com
Instant Message: (AIM) myfragrance

Fixtatik Design Studios
Name: Gregg
Example(s) of Work: Portfolio | Div Layouts
Personal Website(s): Fixtatik | Myspace
Method of Payment: PayPal, check
Email: info@fixtatik.com
Instant Message (MSN): solid.css@gmail.com

Name: Holly
Example(s) of Work: Layouts | E-mail for others
Personal Website(s): Myspace | cB Profile
Method of Payment: Paypal
Email: admin.mangobutter@gmail.com
Instant Message: (AIM) HollyInfinite

Name: Mike
Example(s) of Work: Layouts | Graphics
Personal Website(s): xInfiniti | The East Coast | cB Pro
Method of Payment: PayPal
Email: Private Message
Instant Message: (AIM) From IVIike

Name: Abbey
Example(s) of Work: Layouts|Graphics|Deviantart|Myspace
Personal Website(s): Myspace
Method of Payment: PayPal
Email: abbey.contact@yahoo.com (not recommended)
Instant Message: (AIM) none

Name: Jon H.M. Chan
Example(s) of Work: www.FeelCollection.com
Personal Website(s): www.JonHMChan.com
Method of Payment: Paypal
Email: contact@jonhmchan.com
Instant Message: (AIM) JonHMChan

Example(s) of Work:DIV layouts(myspace); sigs; flyers; misc
Personal Website(s):www.myspace.com/sounlife
Method of Payment:paypal
Instant Message: HungrySexyCool(AIM); LyteBriite(yahoo)

Name: Melissa
Example(s) of Work: layouts|graphics
Personal Website(s): myspace|LIMM Johnson Layouts|SKEM9
Method of Payment: paypal
Email: mart032280@yahoo.com
Instant Message: (AIM) armymelietorres (yahoo) mart032280

Example(s) of Work:[x]
Personal Website(s): CB Profile
Method of Payment:PayPal
Instant Message: (Myspace)Boredwithrules

Example(s) of Work: http://www.myspace.com/itsafeecreation
Personal Website(s): http://www.myspace.com/itsafeecreation
Method of Payment:Paypal (Paid Designers ONLY)
Instant Message:itsbarbie2u (AIM)

Name: Nick
Work: I can work with flash, myspace, html/xhtml, css.
Personal Website(s): http://nickfury.tumblr.com/
Method of Payment: Paypal
Email: adj3d08@aim.com
Instant Message: adj3d08

Name: Neasha/Diggy
Example(s) of Work: Graphics
Personal Website(s): Da Illestrationz
Method of Payment: Paid Designers ONLY) PayPal
Email: mzladiit@yahoo.com
Instant Message: LoveableNe (AIM)

Example(s) of Work:http://myspace.com/skylitex
Personal Website(s):http://Kevinjo.net , http://aberisk.com
Method of Payment: payal
Please email me first and I will redirect you to my paypal email:]. Accepting band and regular myspace layout designing:]\

Name: Gabi
Example(s) of Work: Divs - Icons
Personal Website(s): Atomic Affliction
Method of Payment: PayPal
Email: gabi@atomicaffliction.com
Instant Message: (AIM) atmicaffliction

Name: Michelle
Example(s) of Work: Layouts | Graphics | DeviantArt
Personal Website(s): YoureUniqueDesign | WhatMichelleDo
Method of Payment: Paypal-if you do not have one please email me for further information.
Email: lilstrawberryheart@yahoo.com
Instant Message: (AIM) gotchopsticks05 (MSN) michelledo05@hotmail.com--I do not have yahoo, sorry.
**please note that i do not just add anyone or let anyone randomly add me please let me know in a Private Message (PM) and so i can add you.

Free Services

Name: Alison.
Example(s) of Work: layouts
Personal Website(s): cb | myspace
Email: abedheadcinema@gmail.com
Instant Message: abedheadcinema @ aim

Example(s) of Work: http://i49.tinypic.com/1o0ef4.png
Personal Website(s): current being made, but I can code :)
Method of Payment: Free
Email: neville_rocks@hotmail.co.uk
Instant Message: (MSN) neville_rocks@hotmail.co.uk

Name: Pedro
Example(s) of Work: Myspace | cB Layouts
Personal Website(s): Myspace
Email: patrad781@aol.com
Instant Message: (AIM) patrad781

Name: Matt
Example(s) of Work: Graphics (I have also done nearly 100 Signatures, for various members of websites I moderate)
Personal Website(s): Mouse Music
Email: molandesma@titan.sfasu.edu
Instant Message: (AIM) SadisticSlink

Name: Ariel
Example(s) of Work: Website Layouts | Graphics
Personal Website(s): Veiled-Purity
Email: acangel314@yahoo.com
Instant Message: (AIM) mintchocolatexx3

Fox Lucky
Name: Brittany
Example(s) of Work: Layouts | Graphics
Personal Website(s): Myspace | Website
Email: Foxluckylayouts@yahoo.com

Name: Toya
Example(s) of Work: Deviantart l Layouts
Personal Website(s): FalseVisage
Method of Payment: Paypal donations are accepted. (I don't charge though.)
Email: Toya.monet@gmail.com
Instant Message: (AIM) Toyadelfuego

Name: Rachel
Example(s) of Work: http://takemeawaylayouts.bravehost.com/ and http://gunsnrachel.createblog.com/layouts/
Personal Website(s): http://takemeawaylayouts.bravehost.com/
Email: RachelP1024@comcast.net

Example(s) of Work: http://i43.tinypic.com/1z642m8.png
Personal Website(s): Don't have one yet..
Email: medi1988@gmail.com
Instant Message: (AIM) PM me

Name: Michael
Example(s) of Work: Layouts | Graphics
Personal Website(s): Website | Myspace | cB
Email: michael@mikeplyts.net | mikepsk8@yahoo.com | mikeplyts@hotmail.com
Instant Message: (Yahoo!)SK8ORDIE | (Myspace)mikeplytscaulm4u

Nikki09815 [only does Myspace overlays]
Name: Nicole
Example(s) of Work: My Photobucket portfolio // CB Layouts
Personal Website(s): My Myspace
Method of Payment: (Paid Designer's ONLY) N/A
Email: Smylez09@yahoo.com
Instant Message: (AIM) Spoiledbrat09815

Name: (If I told you I'd have to kill you)
Example(s) of Work: CB Layouts | Nitrogoat.co.uk |
Email: nitrogoat_lyts@hotmail.co.uk

Name: Sarah
Examples of Work: CB submitted layouts
Personal Website: A Touch Of Destiny
Method of Payment: None - Free Service (Terms of Use apply)
Email / MSN: s.majere@hotmail.com

Name: Selina
Example(s) of Work: [attachment=14941:peace_lo...rfliespv.jpg]
Personal Website(s): My Space
Method of Payment: Free!!
Email: Email Me
Instant Message: (YAHOO) pskrockstar@yahoo.com

Example(s) of Work:myspace.com/nxtsatclothing ; myspace.com/shawn_a_thon1
Personal Website(s): myspace.com/shawn_a_thon1
Instant Message: (AIM)shakeene@gmail.com

Name: Jennifer
Example(s) of Work: www.freewebs.com/supimateecup
Personal Website(s): www.freewebs.com/supimateecup
Email: supimateecup@yahoo.com
(donations are appreciated BUT I provide free services :D)

Name: Erin
Example(s) of Work: http://www.sugar-blossom.info/
Personal Website(s): http://www.sugar-blossom.info/, http://www.myspace.com/i_love_ryan32223
Method of Payment: (Paid Designers ONLY)
Email: erin234@sugar-blossom.info
Instant Message: (AIM) PM me

Name: Phil
Example(s) of Work: http://myspace.com/phillsberry | http://xblast196.createblog.com/graphics/ (i do graphics, myspace layouts [not so good with div yet])
Personal Website(s): myspace
Email: pjfunkalot@aol.com
Instant Message: pipxdaxpimp(AIM)

Name: Zachy, Zach
Example(s) of Work: Layouts | Graphics
Personal Website(s):MySpace | CB
Email: pyro.ducky09@live.com (I'd rather you add me on MSN and leave me an offline message)
Instant Message: (MSN)pyro.ducky09@live.com

Name: Kimo
Example(s) of Work: Porfolio
Other Website(s): JBFan (fan site)
Email: kimo@jbfan.org, oh_kimo_your_so_cool@yahoo.com, admin@jbfan.org
How Much: My services are 100% free, unless you want a full done website. I code, design, and set-up your whole website, top to bottom. If you request from me, this requires a 155x100 pixel ad for my site on yours as payment.

Designers, post your information in this code and specify if you are taking free or paid requests:
[b]Example(s) of Work:[/b]
[b]Personal Website(s):[/b]
[b]Method of Payment:[/b] (Paid Designers ONLY)
[b]Instant Message: (AIM)[/b]

Feel free to add more/less contact information according to your preference. You don't have to be a staff member to post your information. _smile.gif

Please only post requests in here, if you have something further to say please PM the person about it. Also if you don't meet the requirements your posts will be deleted, so don't waste your time here. Thank you

This post has been edited by manny-the-dino: Sep 19 2010, 03:06 AM
Reason for edit: List updated. - Nat
post Dec 27 2007, 06:59 PM
Post #2

That's what she said.

Group: Staff Alumni
Posts: 3,559
Joined: Apr 2005
Member No: 130,200

Hi guys, I thought I'd support the community by requesting a little here and there. shifty.gif

TYPE OF SERVICE: Free Graphics!
THEME: I'd totally love you guys if you could whip out a few new Alvin and the chipmunks avatars or signatures. (100x100 would be the perfect size so I can use it for my avvie as well.)
OTHER: I think that Theodore is absolutely the CUTEST thing, so if you guys could get a little more of him in there, I'll give your my undying gratitude. worthy.gif

Thanks again, guys. Keep up the great work! (You should do my request first! I have a mod status! mad.gif Jkjk.)
post Feb 1 2008, 05:44 PM
Post #3


Group: Official Member
Posts: 19,821
Joined: Apr 2004
Member No: 11,270

Request thread Re-opened. There are new rules and these rules will apply to anyone who makes a request after my post. :) Aka After February 1, 2008 at 2: 44 PM pacific time.

  • You must have 50 posts to request a layout.
  • You must have 25 posts to request a graphic.
The thread will be cleaned out more often and anyone who makes and post and does not have the required amount of posts will have their post deleted.
post Feb 7 2008, 12:21 AM
Post #4

Senior Member

Group: Member
Posts: 122
Joined: Jan 2006
Member No: 346,648

If it's not too much trouble at all; I'd like to request a layout with the following:

TYPE OF SERVICE: Myspace Layout
THEME: Vector
I would like this to be a default myspace layout; there is no set picture I had in mind. It would just be something like a vector wallpaper type layout like something seen on Deviant Art; I would like it to be colorful. Preferable rainbow type colors (hot pink, bright orange or purple, etc.); there's is also no particular font I had in mind; you can choose one to go with the theme. It would nice to have it animated in some way (however you'd like to animate it is fine with me.
OTHER: If there is anything else you may need you can just pm me and let me know; I'll just let ya work ya magic; the CB designers are awesome so I'll let you do what you do.
post Mar 7 2008, 07:42 PM
Post #5

Hablamos Espańol.

Group: Official Member
Posts: 1,283
Joined: Jul 2007
Member No: 549,364

TYPE OF SERVICE: c.b profile

THEME: whatever you please. i like simplicity.

OTHER: bright colors would make peoples eyes hurt.

please and thankyou.

-i dont really care who makes it or when you make it, but do know that it is much appreciated.

post Mar 11 2008, 07:57 PM
Post #6


Group: Member
Posts: 16
Joined: Jun 2006
Member No: 421,261


THEME: I'd like the theme to be around the song "Ghetto Gospel" and this picture:


OTHER: I would like the colors to be reflective of the picture. Also, I do not like a bunch of flashy stuff. I tend to like comment boxes on the profile but am not too picky about it. I don't mind who makes it. I also really like rollovers that are creative. If you can't do rollovers, I understand.

post Mar 13 2008, 09:51 PM
Post #7


Group: Member
Posts: 869
Joined: Jul 2005
Member No: 163,564

TYPE OF SERVICE: Website Layout
THEME: Anything related to music.
I like the type of layout TheNickMan designed...
My only other request is that it be centered...

Thank you!
post Mar 19 2008, 07:52 PM
Post #8

Senior Member

Group: Official Member
Posts: 1,558
Joined: Nov 2007
Member No: 589,690


THEME: http://www.myspace.com/hawkslandinghcc i need a layout for work. Pretty much has to include everything already on there. also I want "The Place to Live"

OTHER: Just go off of the actual website if possible (hccstudenthousing.com) srry i suck at not being specific. umm just message me please if possible dont reply back on here cuz i wont be able to come check this topic all the time.

post Mar 21 2008, 10:44 PM
Post #9

I have 6 blue blocks :3

Group: Member
Posts: 2,248
Joined: May 2004
Member No: 14,959

THEME: MapleStory
I would like this to be simplistic with maple story images only. Go wild with the base colors
OTHER: Make it as thin as and as clean as CB?

Thanks a lot.
post May 24 2008, 02:11 PM
Post #10

Kelso! The Punk Rock Princess!!

Group: Member
Posts: 6
Joined: May 2004
Member No: 18,012

TYPE OF SERVICE: Standard Myspace Layout
THEME: Default Layout Of Pics Of Joe Jonas Of Jonas Brothers.Front Is Old English Or Tag. Colors Blues, Reds, Greens, N Some Black
OTHER: Have A Pic Of Him In The Contact Table, Banner, N Random Icons Of Him As A Background
post Jun 1 2008, 02:31 PM
Post #11


Group: Official Designer
Posts: 1,372
Joined: Nov 2006
Member No: 478,715

TYPE OF SERVICE: logo and possible web design ideas
THEME: i'm looking for an awesome logo for my site: LIMM Johnson Layouts. i like vector, purple, vintage, modern styles, just anything eye catching really.
OTHER: i have been putting this off long enough to make a new web design for my site but i have no idea what i really want. my site mostly offers myspace layouts so if someone could possible come up with something really awesome that would be just wonderful!!

LIMM Johnson Layouts
post Jun 9 2008, 09:40 AM
Post #12

[Insert something Witty Here]

Group: Member
Posts: 363
Joined: Dec 2007
Member No: 598,828

THEME: Grungy, Dark Green, Use something like a grafiti wall as a header. Use Grungy text (any kind)
OTHER: Basic Layout please
post Jun 11 2008, 10:46 PM
Post #13

loved. knocked at my door.

Group: Member
Posts: 126
Joined: Aug 2005
Member No: 212,399


THEME: Expecting a Baby

OTHER: I just want a basic site..with green/brown or red/black because most likely I'm going to have a boy..but whatever colors are unisex will work. I either want the extended network to say "expecting a baby" or "baby on the way" with an African American baby or a black girl's stomach..lol..just anything masculine for an expecting father would work..
post Jul 9 2008, 10:46 PM
Post #14

im with the marching band

Group: Member
Posts: 740
Joined: Dec 2006
Member No: 491,167

TYPE OF SERVICE: Edit a graphic.
THEME: I just want some one to edit this picture of my friend
[click here for image]
OTHER: i really don't care what type of editing. i prefer free, [not willing to pay] sorry i'm poor _unsure.gif
post Jul 17 2008, 07:00 PM
Post #15

GREAKAZOID RCDcrewmember MODLION 1st class MODPIGGY 2nd class...

Group: Member
Posts: 211
Joined: Feb 2008
Member No: 624,214

Could someone do something very similar to this except smaller, and more grungy and yet bright?
post Jul 17 2008, 07:30 PM
Post #16

Senior Member

Group: Administrator
Posts: 8,629
Joined: Jan 2007
Member No: 498,468

QUOTE(speakerboxx123 @ Jul 9 2008, 08:46 PM) *
TYPE OF SERVICE: Edit a graphic.
THEME: I just want some one to edit this picture of my friend
[click here for image]
OTHER: i really don't care what type of editing. i prefer free, [not willing to pay] sorry i'm poor _unsure.gif

I thought "Ehh wth, I'll do it."
So here you are. I did 4 versions because I wasn't sure if you would like one. I'm sorry if you don't like vintage effects; that's my favorite effect. happy.gif If you don't like them, just comment or PM me, k?
post Jul 18 2008, 10:24 PM
Post #17


Group: Member
Posts: 6
Joined: May 2008
Member No: 646,289

Type of service: A personal blogger layout.

Theme: Myolie Wu (Pictures including, if don't mind)

Notes: I am not that of a picky person but I do wish you can do the following;
-Please put, Melinda T. idolizes Myolie Wu!
-Please put your credit, I would like everyone to know who made it. :] I don't like people taking things so please put your credit!
I like the style of the layout, I don't want it to be exact but the format like it's centered, it's really nice. I hope you can do that. :]
-That's all! I am sorry if I am picky! :] Have a nice day!

post Jul 20 2008, 09:46 PM
Post #18

We're in for one wild night.

Group: Member
Posts: 402
Joined: Dec 2007
Member No: 603,255

Type of Service: Graphic/Other
Theme: Black
Other: All I need done are the lines made smooth, a transparent or white background, and filled in black. Also TM in the top right corner. Very simple project, anyone who could do it is greatly appreciated. Thanks, here's the image.

post Aug 6 2008, 01:43 PM
Post #19

Senior Member

Group: Member
Posts: 51
Joined: Aug 2008
Member No: 674,491

TYPE OF SERVICE: Blogger layout.
THEME: Notebook. I have an image here:
OTHER: Well, if anyone's able to do it, I would be so happy! All I need is someone to code this for me.... I thought I could (I thought it was HTML HAHA!) but then I realized you have to know DIV and XHTML and CSS and I have no clue how to any of that. So, PM me if you need any more details? Thank you!
Reason for edit: thumb images, please. :) -nat
post Aug 16 2008, 04:10 PM
Post #20

BBM: 310ED181

Group: Member
Posts: 613
Joined: Jul 2008
Member No: 671,976

THEME: Standard fonts, (georgia preferably) Different Shades of green for colors. Standard layout.
OTHER: Scrolling Background and the links should change size slightly on rollover. (if you can) put some of my pictures (like a stack of polaroids)
down at the left hand corner of the background

thanks if you can happy.gif
post Aug 19 2008, 09:45 PM
Post #21

Lets Get Dead

Group: Member
Posts: 381
Joined: Apr 2008
Member No: 641,562

THEME: I have the picture I want used. All I want is for someone to make it a black and white kind of vector style.
OTHER: And here is the image biggrin.gif Thanks ahead of time!
post Aug 25 2008, 05:06 PM
Post #22


Group: Member
Posts: 10
Joined: Aug 2008
Member No: 679,037

TYPE OF SERVICE: [free] myspace layout
THEME: expecting a baby boy!
OTHER: i have pictures to help you out! i'd like it to be baby blue, but also have white. i dont want it to be too blue crazy. =] and i'd like my comments hidden with a comment box in my "i'd like to meet" section, if it's not too much. [that's what i have on my page right now]

if you have any ideas that can make it better/cuter, let me know. i'm open for anything and everything.

and i'm still VERY new at this so once i know how to make my own, i won't bother you guys anymore. =]
post Sep 28 2008, 01:18 PM
Post #23

Seoul Rocks!

Group: Member
Posts: 936
Joined: Jun 2005
Member No: 155,811

TYPE OF SERVICE: WordPress pimping (Install and setup of theme and all that jazz.) I pay money! (PayPal)
THEME: I want to use a pre-made WordPress theme (http://themehybrid.com/demo/options/). I want to make it work for my photography website, somewhat like another site I have seen. I can give that site as a example when contacted.

OTHER: If you have any questions email me garrett[at]brinkerphoto.com or AIM EnronRocks89.
post Oct 10 2008, 01:16 PM
Post #24


Group: Official Designer
Posts: 1,372
Joined: Nov 2006
Member No: 478,715

THEME:web 2.0 style
OTHER: I love bright almost pastel colors like this #e3b6fb. i would need a large logo to place on my website but also a browser icon as well. 16x16. my website is for web design and it's called LIMM Johnson Designs. if you could use LIMM or LIMMJD or what ever combo you think would be great. thanks so much who ever decides to do this for me.

if this could be done for free please! if not, i can pay but it may not be much.
post Nov 24 2008, 11:56 AM
Post #25

Senior Member

Group: Member
Posts: 122
Joined: Jan 2006
Member No: 346,648

[b]TYPE OF SERVICE: Blend: Avatar & Sig Set
[b]THEME: Day 26; whatever pics of them you can find is fine. The colors, etc., does not really matter; want the width to be forum size and for the particular forum I want it on has to be under 500 in width.
[b]OTHER: Just let me know what can be done

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