{ Girls, Be Ambitious }

If you like I will stretch out this filthy hand of mine as far as you like.
We wont need a guide or anything, so let's walk together eyes closed.
Did you know, that a knife hurts more when it's pulled than when it's stabbed?
And a flower, doesn't even know it's own beauty it's entire life.
Sad, huh?
If you held onto my back just a little, it would lessen the wind a bit I suppose?
Hey if you're going to hesitate I'll drop you. Boys & Girls, hurry hurry up.
So it seems that I can't give you a kiss goodnight,
Sorry, therefore I'll sing.
So, how's that for "fair play"? (cries)
Then, what about "flattery"? (fumes)
What I said is pretty stupid, right? (laughs)
If you give me a chance, apologize and I say [Girls, be ambitious.]
A lonely night
Lonliness from wanting to cry, when you can't run away, from anxiety when you don't understand,
Will probably come to you, I'm afraid.

Therefore I'll Sing

Alias: XXXXX
Ethnicity: XXXX

Pop is Dead

どうもありがとう <3 (Credit)

Featuring Miyavi! Images from myv-pics. Permanant credits go to me.
Hey guess what? I won createblog profile of the month! *happy dance*
Thanks to everyone!!

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