Sunday, March 27, 2005

I <3 CB!11:15 PM

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26 year old femme My daughter & my newborn son are my world I ♥LOVE♥ pina coladas I'm addicted to CSI (the original) I love to dance I have a weird fascination with horror movies Half of my clothes still have tags on them I'm a jewelry freak...have too much, but still not enough I love thunderstorms I'm a bull (Taurus, that is) I chew ice frequently I don't like chocolate I have blue eyes I have 2 dogs, Zeus & Roxy I want to go to Paris more than anything I'm obsessed with candles I love Gardenias I hate stupid people I would die without Mt. Dew

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    you can put a tagboard here, or if you don't have one, you can maybe put a daily quote or poem or just some random thoughts for the day. Just make sure to keep your width 150 or less...


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