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"Scene" Titles in Interests

Myspace Scripts · By wolfreak_99 View profile

Adds a scene look to the titles in your interests (e.g. music, movies, ect.)

Change the Color of the Interests Table [FIREFOX ONLY]

Myspace Scripts · By jiyong View profile

Change each cell in the Interests table to a different color!

Middle Section With Background

Myspace Scripts · By meeesh View profile

same as my first script, except background image and color are switched. really easy stuff.

Customize Calendar

Myspace Scripts · By victoriaaaa View profile

A simple script that lets you change the font size and colors within your myspace events calendar.

Change Color of Orange Bars

Myspace Scripts · By bretwes View profile

changes the color of the orange bard within the default profile

Change Color of Middle Tables

Myspace Scripts · By nano86 View profile

Change the color of the table behind your tables!

Make Friends & Comments small

Myspace Scripts · By elrene06 View profile

make comments and friends skinnier

Change Headers and Comments section

Myspace Scripts · By elrene06 View profile

this will cuztomized everything in the right side