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Full Version: what can you do/use to get a nice tan?
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dont worry i already serached in the serach engine, so dont go crazy on me (:
i dont want to use the self tanners, or the stuff that makes you orange. i want the natural way of doing it, i know get low spf & sunscreen added to prevent risk of skin cancer & etc. i heard, i dont know if its for real, but i googled it and they said you can put aloe vera on yourself & go outside lay in the sun to get a tan? i dont know, sounds pretty weird to me; i thought it was suppose to keep your tan not get a tan..lmao---and yeah im fair skinned and im just wondering any tips to get a nice tan?? but how can you get a tan that is noticable, lasts, tans face*&body??
list the product name and brand if needed*, please&thank you.

-thanks for those who reply

please no comments on: how i can get skin cancer & such (dont worry i know how to protect myself, dont say im african-american,hispanic,albino, etc-i dont need a tan comments--i mean really i appreciate other races but i need help..haha i envy you guys so yeah please dont biggrin.gif
i just put a low SPF sunscreen on and lay outside for a couple hours a day, then jump in the pool to cool off, i used to used the self tan which sucked cause if u dont rub it in, in a certain spot u can totally tell... but for me sunburns turn into tans, but the sunburn stage is hell, at least i get a nice tan out of it .. im happy with my color.

if that doesnt help you, then im sure someone will lol.... take care hun=)
i lay out on the beach alot... but its better if u get out and do stuff! u get a more even tan. the only thing is that you have to wear somthing skimpy so u dont have a farmers tan or w/e lol.
I used to use that Banana Boat little bottle that's brown with a yellow or orange cap that has an SPF of 15 and is specially designed to help you tan faster and dark without sunburn. Although it was in the news and being called "skin frying" so I decided not to use it anymore. Seriously, if you spend enough time in the sun you'll be fine, I wear 50 SPF sunscreen (blame my overprotective mom) and I still come back from the pool/beach after being there for 1-3 hours with a noticable tan. Goodluck, and be careful since your fair skinned not to get burned pinch.gif
Spirited Away

Actually, if you use the right self-tanner the RIGHT way you don't have to worry about getting an orange tan. You can always pick up a magazine like Shape, Cosmo or Teens to get an idea of good self-tanners. Just wanted to debunk that silly myth.

Oh and since you're fair skinned, laying in the sun or tanning-beds may give you more than cancer, think freckles.
Just go out into the sun and tan. mellow.gif
I burn, then tan. Weird I know.
But it works.
I used neutrogena's tanning lotion (light) before, and it works pretty fine. Remember, it is not the spray one, just lotion.

Or you could go out to the sun and tan yourself there.
mmm...i get burned then tan too huh.gif... just lay out...and to keep the tan ... i've been trying that new jergens lotion (i think its called natural glow) and it seems to be working (it isn't orange either) hope that helps
I dont tan...but I suggest the sun might help...
pinch.gif just lie outside. yeah, put that low sunscreen thing on. it's best if your by your pool because you can just jump in if you get too hot. pinch.gif
well I think farmer tans are best looking

however, not everyone is able to get one
naturally really.
must be the whole.....californian asian thing.
i'm tan all year around, i get a lil paler during the winter but during the summer, all i need to do to get really tan is go swimming for like an hour or play tennis. play some kinda sport.
well since im asian im naturally tan but i do get a little lighter in the winter...i play tennis a lot so thats one way to get tan...
i use a nice good trip to the beach.
^ ditto
i fell asleep on the beach once
for like...6 hours
yay *dances* but then again ive never been burned before
Err, go to Warped Tour....Yeah, that works. Haha, err, just stay outside in the sun for prolonged amounts of time. Depends though, I guess, I'm asian and I tan easily...I recently went to Warped Tour && got an orange fake looking tan. =\

The beach.....or the winter, y'know, when there's lots of beautiful snow && sun...Stare at the white snow until the sun's reflection tans you....It works, it's a bitch to put on sunscreen in the winter.
you can go to those tanning beds so you don't have to get tanlines
Well... it really depends on your skin. I suggest not going out into the sun, and getting burnt. biggrin.gif Crazy as it sounds... I don't think that trying to burn yourself will help you at all in the cancer department! lol I may be wrong... wink.gif But I suggest using a
self tanner, but the right kind... then yea.
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