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Full Version: 10 reasons for insomnia
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Can you guys think of 10 humorous causes of insomnia? Its for homework. Knowing you guys, you can come up with good stuff.
I don't know about humorous, but isn't stress one of the causes?
-Because you're so stressed out from all the homework your evil teachers give, including some stupid assignment asking for 10 humorous causes of insomnia. biggrin.gif
You're afraid to fall asleep because the boogieman under your bed is going to eat you up.
- createBlog
- A bed that wreaks of dog pooh.gif

And I can't really...think of anymore at the moment. pinch.gif
mona lisa
umm...does it have to be humorous?
aha!! poop and your teacher!
You just saw a commercial that starred michael jackson.
you refuse to turn off the TV, fearing the Teletubbies, who are secretly malicious martians, will pop out, use their death rays and take over the world. So there you are, frying pan in hand, underwear on head, ready to defend the Earth from certain peril.
errr.... huh.gif This is kinda hard..and seeing as how it's 12:30 am....I'm not up for thinking up stuff...sry sad.gif but good luck flowers.gif
im not gona say any cuz i might sound corny. even though i've been insomniac a lot.
You're scared of falling asleep.

You're scared of having dreams about falling asleep.

That's all I can think of..FOR NOW.
having teh 1337 butt secks
too many things on my mind =P
Scared of drowning in your own drool while sleeping.

Scared of wetting the bed.

The comfortable soft bed sheets.. turn you on.
Hm... usually for me, is...

1. I might get those again where your whole body doesn't move at all and you can't hardly breathe and talk.
2. I'm sometimes scared that I might dream the same nightmare dream that I had like 3 times in a row.
3. I might get scissors (ghost getting on you and staring at you until your heart beats very faster)
4. Too much homework and projects to finish.
5. Studying for the test, quiz, finals.
6. Cause my friends who are older than me. Around 17 to 23 years old always get online around at 2am in the morning to 5am in the morning. And I want to talk to them, it's the only time to talk to them.
7. My favorite shows are on at late night time! Especially Wolf's rain and Inuyasha _dry.gif always starts at 12:30am, 1:00am and i miss it, 3:00am, and music videos!!!
8. I get scared if I get another bug bite and I'll get an itchy body again!!
9. Busy making xanga banners, xanga layouts, xanga icons, xanga link buttons from adobe photoshop and my imageready
10. Too much on mind.

QUOTE(angel_roh @ Jan 17 2005, 3:35 AM)
Hm... usually for me, is...

1. I might get those again where your whole body doesn't move at all and you can't hardly breathe and talk.


What do you call.. Sleep paralysis or something? I get it all the time. I just sit there looking around my room. It's really tiring, because you're trying not to fall asleep because you know you're going to fall into it.
QUOTE(x_angawhomps @ Jan 17 2005, 3:37 AM)
What do you call.. Sleep paralysis or something? I get it all the time. I just sit there looking around my room. It's really tiring, because you're trying not to fall asleep because you know you're going to fall into it.

Haha so true about that Eve!! haha... but it's hard..cause my eyes are closing and im soo tired!!!!! ehck >.<;; well i heard that when people think about it too much, they'll get sleep paralysis cause it's on their mind too much. well for me, i cant stop thinking about it because im scared of them and if im scared of them, i just cant stop thinking about them >.<
+the internet [XDDDDDD]
the song your sister was singing earlier in the shower is now stuck in your head.
someone might take your champion title in the arcade >.>

afraid that your crush will come online and you'll miss her.

you couldn't sleep cause you were afraid youd fail your humorous insomnia homework.
Zoloft gave me insomnia. When I first started taking it before I started taking the lithium, I didn't sleep for 96 hours straight
studying, presuring, head aches, createblog, food, and distractions
10 Reasons

1. Createblog....i can post one more, no how about another...oh this is a good topic....lemme play an arcade game...damn ping pong ball stay in the middle! etc.etc.

2.I can't fall sheep, two sheep, red sheep, blue i swear i heard that somewhere...:get's outta bed: :searches through books:...oh it's one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish..damn it now i have that stuck in my head,..can't fall asleep

3. Turn on tv...see a show i love, and watch it for an hour, then i see another show, then i see a movie...i swear i can sit infront of the tv all night

4. Video game...must get to next level...must get to next level! ah! i died, ok...start over again..

5. "lalalallala" that song has been stuck in my head! ah, make it stop, "lallalalla"

6. Homework...who's idea was it to gimme this 10 page history report? ahh...take away the fact that i left it to the last minute.

7.AHHAHA! hyper hyper hyper!!! drink CODE RED MOUNTAIN DEW!!! ahhahhahahahahahahah

8.ahh, my crush asked me out :) swooonn...i feel like i'm falling in love. we'll be together forever

9. Wahhh! my crush broke up with me the next day! i feel so used! i'll never love again! wahhh! lol

10. man, my head hurts...i think i'm getting sick...i feel cold...104 fever? ahh, not good...can't sleep..

lol those are my 10 reasons why i am always up at these cruel and unusual times
-- afraid that mommy would catch me not doing my homework
-- accidentally bought coffee and figured that my money will be wasted if i don't drink it

it sounds corny _dry.gif so forgive me mellow.gif
10 *MORE* Reasons...

1. Can't sleep. Clowns will eat me.

2. Video games are fun... Must... get... to next... level...

3. just came out with some fun new games... I'll beat them all!!!

4. I have to get up at some random really early time so.. I won't sleep. Perfect. That way I won't have to worry about not being able to wake up. I'll already be awake! Weeeeee!!!

5. Homework. Enough said.

6. Too much thinking. Note to self: Be stupid... stop thinking so much. You're disrupting my sleep proccess.

7. AIM is a deadly weapon. And addicting. Like a drug. Drugs are addicting.

8. You stayed up past your normal time that you go to sleep and now you're over tired so you aren't tired anymore and it really sucks because you're tired but your so tired you aren't tired so you stay up all night.

9. You keep thinking about your crush and all sorts of thoughts... *drifts off*

10. It takes you so long to fall asleep you eventually got bored and went back on the computer to play more games on the internet...

My random reasons that probably were very repeative... Maybe you can merge them all into one big reason. Yayyyy!! Cookies for everyone!

(i haven't slept yet.)

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