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i have some probs wit my computer... everytime i play an old game like Call of Duty... it would like freak n u can hear a wierd sound... iono whats happening but can anyone help?

heres wat i have
2.8gig P4 w/ HT tech
Ati Radeon 9000 Pro 128mb
SoundBlaster Live
256 ram DDr
n a 400 watt power supply..

blah this comp is stupid >.<
i've got no idea but you have a hot computer. x]
maybe its the fan turning on so it wont over heat?

describe the noise... lol.
not a bad computer.. i have an old sony vaio.. but i got some parts

80 GB
ATI 9200 128 mb
512mb RAM
2.4 GHZ
Yamaha Speakers

and ih ave no clue bout the other stuff

if u want ur computer faster... usualy reformat it or delte some stuff u dont need or dont use
but since urs makes a funny sound... proly ur soundcard isnt good or ur speakers and stuff .. try switching speakers n see if the same problem is there
try a fresh reinstall or check the official webpage for call of duty and look up the FAQ or help section n download latest patches n whatever.
QUOTE(Levy2k6 @ Aug 16 2004, 8:30 PM)
maybe its the fan turning on so it wont over heat?

describe the noise... lol.

the sound its wierd..
once the game freezes everything stopes working.. so i higher the speakers n i can hear like fast rapid beats.. n yea.. >.<

i dont wanna format my comp :( it takes to long to install eveything.. cuz im impatient.. haha dam n i wont have the games.. cuz the whole CD of Farcry, Call of Duty, Maxpayne 2, Halo, and NFSU are in my harddrive >.< arg
Your guys' computer are slow.
450 Mhz
192 Mb of Ram
Integrated Mobo Video card
8 gb harddrive
huuum.. im not sure wut to tell u wacko.gif
QUOTE(LiL_KHAOS_ft_Me @ Aug 16 2004, 9:14 PM)
huuum.. im not sure wut to tell u wacko.gif

I'm not sure what to tell you about how you look. blink.gif
nice case! but if ur comp is old, u may want to clean it out
i dunno wut to tell u but shouldnt this be in like technology? some one move it i dont have that type of power yet sad.gif
hmmmmmmmmm if it freezes then it could be because ur cpu is overheating or that ur power supply isnt strong enough, try unplugging like ur cddrive then try playing it........or maybe you need a new grpahic card..the possibilities are endless but those are the most common........OR YUO HAVE A VIRUS........iono ;p
Its not freezing, it has wierd sounds. Most likely your fans are clogging up with dust.
yea u probally need to clean ur fans .... haha i have 5 fans cuz of neon light =/
maybe its just the game..old games aren't made to be run on new comps _dry.gif
ahhh dam i hate my comp >.<
well thanks everyone.. haha ill live wit this prob.. prolly format later.. first i gotta save my files.. n my pics of my GF ^_^
QUOTE(liquidize @ Aug 16 2004, 10:23 PM)
maybe its just the game..old games aren't made to be run on new comps _dry.gif

Yeah, Day of Defeat is a really old game.[/sarcasm]
ok, i sure lose in the fast/big hd contest :(
i don't want to even bother checking.. its so depressing...

Intel PIII processor
434 MHz
256 MB of RAM
around 60 gig total

and i don't know about your noise or game probs, sorry
All I can say is that's some nice arse computer! MAYBE because the game's so old.. that you might have good speakers and hear all the bad mumbo jumbo sounds from the game cause it's old... I mean, old games have bad graphics too. idk what game that you said is though.

Now your systems fault? The game is either messed up or you got a virus attached to the game. Scan the system.
i have no clue at all sry biggrin.gif
C2Q Q6600 @ 4.2 GHz
Radeon HD 5850
X-Fi Fatal1ty
4 Gb DDR2
600w PSU

I only beat the OP by a little.
Holy Jesus. never seen a processor reach 4 ghz. well once actually.
They don't go that high stock. You have to have some good cooling to hit those speeds while still having a decent temp.
is cooling the only thing that holds back those speeds?
No. Voltage and TDP hold you back too. My CPU uses like 125w stock, and it uses 156 at it's current speed. stock is like 1.2v, I've got mine at 1.5v, but I could probably get away with 1.4-1.45v. 1.4v is where you start rapidly degrading the life of your CPU.


Overclocking is pretty complicated, there is a lot that goes into it.

The world record is with a Pentium 4 at 8.1 GHz. He used 1.9v, I don't know what kind of wattage his cpu took.
did he use dry ice? or liquid nitrogen?
Liquid helium, I think. And he still burnt it up within 20 minutes.
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