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Full Version: AMD HD 6970
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Oh my god, I have never been so happy with a video card in my life. I purchased Just Cause 2 just to see a game that was created entirely in DX10. I can't tell you how satisfied I am with this card. Graphics are incredible. Game-play is smooth. I'm mesmerized by my 52" Samsung. This is a great game to play on a big screen... *drool* I can't believe the difference from my 5770.
I got a 5970.. Feels bad man.

Buy a 5970. Next Day: LOL6870 RELEASED.
that's what you get for not reading tech blogs
I dont keep up with tech blogs.
I just ended up taking a lil break from /g/
Finally install the card and all, take pics, go to upload..
see 6xxx series all over /g/
I would have RMA'd it or something tbh
5970 is more powerful than the 6970. It's still a very expensive piece of hardware. Also, some games just don't play nice with crossfire or sli. It just makes me angry. The 5970 has built in crossfire... at least I think it does.
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