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Full Version: men watches!
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they're are some good ones. but i need help finding a really good one for my little brother and boyfriend. since christmas is coming up, i don't know what else to get them. i've been looking at casio, guess, and seiko.. they are good. i found one for my little brother, but i dunno if he'll like it. lol any other brands besides the rolex, i am not getting them that.
make sure to stick to basic colors. analog is best but digital will do, make sure it's not an odd shape, stick to circle or square

plastic band is ok, just make sure it's thick and all one color

casio makes decent watches and you can find decent ones at target

black is best
so black, circle or square, and ew no digital. that doesn't look good.. and steven i don't have 2 grand to spend on watches... lol
the movado watches look really cool, i'll take one in all black
QUOTE(serotonin @ Nov 29 2010, 04:26 PM) *

I saw a commercial for that watch, I'd love to have it. though I have to say I'd rather have the money it costs.
^ like.
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