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Full Version: PLEASE HELP Lol
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Hey guys, It's Julien.

i bought a hollister hoodie and 2 hollister shirts.

i check the size chart and it says for dudes, 38-40 is considered medium. I'm like 38.. not above 40, i even checked. I bought it and i wear it, it's not loose but its not super tight, its just kinda tight. but then i get told that gay people wear tight clothes.

i tried to explain to them that unless its EXTREMELY tight to the point where u gotta pull quite hard to take it off or put it on, it's not that bad. I always thought the style of hollisters hoodies and t-shirts were fited, not loose.

Mine isn't loose but its not extremely tight, its kind of tight.

help please?
i think that's how hollister targets it clothes. my friend says the female hollister clothes are getting more loose. for me, i find it like you said that they're getting more "fit".

it'll start to feel more natural to you. if you want more loose, go for the large. and i wouldn't care what people say if it's gay or not.

oh and don't even try explaining your issues there. idk about yours, but my hollister store sucks with customer service.
fyi above poster is gay
Guys who wear Hollister I notice almost always seem like the have a size too small on. The girls clothes are getting more...idk what to call it but it's a looser style. (they make up for it by wearing shorts that ride up their vag)
pics, imo
i don't what you want help with

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