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Full Version: Glasses :(
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So I never wear contacts anymore (to lazy and hate hem) so I wear my glasses 24/7. And I am looking for a new pare. The only glasses place around have a really shitty collection so I tend to order them offline which is fine except I don't have the benefit of trying them on. So I usually just stick with the same type of glasses every time, but I want to get something different this time.

Since I have an insanely round face I am thinking black thick frames with rectangle lenses? I don't f*cking know. Suggestions would be kewl.
Thin and rectangular glasses are going to offset the shape of your face, so they would be the ideal pair. Square instead of rectangular would work well, too, but I usually don't see many square shaped glasses that actually look good. The thick frames should look just fine, but I'd say just make sure that they are rectangular shape, otherwise they will probably accentuate your face shape... unless that's what you're going for.

eta: maybe this will help give you some ideas:
I know everyone suggests thick rimmed glasses but i truly do think you would look awesome with thick rimmed glasses.
Yeah, I would go with rectangular frames as well.

lololol only badasses buy these
GTFO $230
Sides they look pretty gay on you so no thx.

Actually I pretty much got a cheap pare of those except not as rectangular. $40 frames ftw. I hate getting glasses though. I want lasik Surgery. :(

Sometimes goodwill stores sell thick brimmed glasses (if your looking for cheap)
and depending, you could get them perscribed
walmart srsly
QUOTE(Cum @ Apr 18 2010, 01:11 PM) *
walmart srsly

I thought about it lol, but I f*cking hate going into that place. I am a little iffy with the glasses I just ordered, so If I don't like them I may just suck it up and go there.
lenscrafter has really nice brand, or if you can check ebay for prescription frames as well.
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