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Full Version: Necklace finding,
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So you know those type of heart necklaces that you can disconnect half and give it to a friend? but instead a plain cheap one NOT for a friend?
They're usually for friendships, but I'm trying to find a simple plain one.



One of those key to my heart necklaces? (plain cheap one, not for Bff's)

I need one around the budget of 25$ or less
But if any of you know a link to one or have any idea I would be so appreciative

Thanks <3 :D
Idk if this helps?

You can always try looking in those dollar stores or thrift stores
Ahh~ This is a good start
Thank you Beens!

Oh wow some of those are expensive lol
You should try Claire's. I remember seeing those necklaces there.
That last one I saw in Claries and Forever21 before.
I'm in Sydney but I found that this site has an online store

I looked through & found this heart necklace that maybe is what u were after?

Here's some other friendship ones that I thought were pretty cute:
Thanks manny and aimme :DD, I'll take a look at claire's

Sadly I don't have a forever 21 near me but I can always check online right?

and thanks a lot lil :), but like i said I was hoping to find one that was plain and didn't have letters and anything for Best friends

Like they have to be separate that connect together so i can have one while my significant other has the other one :3

oooooh forever 21 has amazing necklaces = 3=;;
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