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Full Version: Unboxed/Tester Fragrances
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How does everyone feel about unboxed or tester perfumes/colognes? I've noticed that you can buy them for a discounted cost but they are considered testers or come without the box. Has anyone purchased these before? Is the quality of the actual fragrance the same?

I want way to many perfumes to be able to afford all of them :[
Testers can be sold?

Over here in Sydney, most shops who have testers have a label on it or its marked on the tester stating that its not for sale.
Ehhh... don't buy testers. Buy the real shit from the real source. You don't need to get testers if you know you really like a certain fragrance. And why would you need a lot of fragrances anyway? All that aroma would make my nose and head go crazy.
^ Why would they not be real? And it's not like he/she is going to use them all at once.. I have a ton of different fragrances because I like to switch it up.

Uhh, testers aren't for sale here..? I get them for free sometimes when I buy stuff.. shrug.gif They aren't really meant for building a collection because they don't last that long. If you can't afford a bunch, get one or two bottles that you really like.
I didn't mean the little tester tubes, haha. That would be a little crazy. I was just wondering because I found out about it online when I was trying to find perfume at discount prices. They usually sell you the bottles that are intended to be testers at store; they come with either no box or a basic plain white box and because they don't have that pretty packaging they are cheaper.

Testers and Unboxed items are a great way to save even more money on your favorite fragrance. Testers and unboxed product are exactly the same as the regular perfume, only testers usually come in a plain box, sometimes with or without a cap - and unboxed products are the perfume or bath product, only without it's box.

I just like to have a large variety of perfumes so that I have one for each occasion. I would want something light but still nice for if I just go out to lunch, or something to hang out with friends, something nicer for a date or something. I enjoy variety.
Get the real deal from a reputable seller. You don't know who you're supporting when you buy testers... I work at a store that sells fragrances and we do not under any circumstances sell testers. People steal and resell them all the time, so unless you plan on encouraging that, I'd stay far away.
If you can't buy testers, maybe you can buy minatures of them that come in sets of 4 or more?
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