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Full Version: Car Audio - Head Unit Wattage
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So my speakers do this annoying thing where it'll play great, then it'll seemingly balance to the right and the left side will be super quiet, then it will be normal again, then go back to the right. It's not an issue with the speakers and I'm pretty sure the Mach460 amps are fine, which leads me to believe it's being caused by the head unit. Whenever I turn it onto AUX it sounds fine and won't fade for 10-20 seconds. Once it fades it may stay like that for minutes before flickering, but if I turn AUX off then back on it works fine for that 10-20 seconds.

Anyway, does anyone know much about head units? I've noticed the majority of head units will have a 50Wx4 max and a 22W RMS. Do companies make head units with a higher output than that? Is there a company known for being louder/clearer with head units: Alpine, Clarion, Kenwood, Pioneer, JVC?
Are you sure it's not due to the song you're playing? Does the problem happen consistently at the same time with the same songs?
Yes. I've tested every scenario I even replaced the speakers. When I have the volume on 20 and it's making a staticy sound because my iPhone isn't hooked up, I can hear the shift in the static's volume. I'm pretty sure they don't program static in. It happens with the radio, CDs, iPhone. It's either the head unit or the amp and I'm pretty sure it's the head unit.
It's probably the amp, not the head unit. Don't quote me on that though, I'm no expert with car audio.

It might actually be the cables in the system, and not the system itself. I've had issues with my bass doing something similar, and I just swapped out the patch cable and it worked fine after that.
Which cables? Like the ones being run from the amps or the ones from speakers to head unit?

Oh yeah with the Head Unit I did get it from was some shady chinese shop that used to be good but I think got new shady management or something. It's 'wholesale' in the area of town where there's a lot of fake/stolen goods :]
From the amps.
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