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Full Version: What are you guy's wearing for New Year's Eve?
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Im going to my boyfriend's family party thing that day and I'm looking for a casual yet dressy outfit...what are you guys planning to wear? I need ideas haha.
I'm planning on wearing pants, underwear, socks, shoes, and maybe a shirt.
^pro tip
can somebody close this since you guys are being sarcastic with my post? i came here for help not to read some random comments that have nothing to do with it. CB has changed.
the warmest pajamas i can find.
Here's some pictures, even.

Cream Thermal (Decree)
Tier Crochet Vest (Wet Seal)
Dark grey skinny jeans (Empyre)
Grey Ankle Booties (Nomi)

Thank stars I had the sense to buy a nude bra yesterday, this thermal is practically transparent.
Whoa those jeans are cheap. I hate when things are on sale but I am broke.
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