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What the diff between an atom processor and normal? Its dual core. This computer is better then all the ancient desktops I have in my house.

And I already have a 40gb hard drive and a optical drive that can only read cd's from an old pc so I can install the os.
And I have a keyboard and mouse that will do for now. and ill try and pick a monitor up for cheap till I spend 150 on a 23 inch lcd.
Atom is just a different line of processors. Kinda like Pentium, Core, Athlon, Phenom, Opteron, Xeon, etc.
Anyway, the Atom dual cores are pretty nice. 64-bit too. I would try a 64-bit Linux distro on dis bitch.

One thing, just by looking at the case, I can tell it's a mini-ITX. I just want to make sure you're aware that it will be very small, so if you ever feel the need to add an expansion card, be sure it's a slim form factor.

Anyway, pretty good build, but get this RAM instead.

Better timings, has heat spreader, and lower price.
The only time I may need an expansion slot is for a wireless receiver but i have a wired connection in my room.
I read reviews about the 3.5 hard drives not fitting but Im sure it will work.
and will I need a slim drive instead?
the one I took out of another old computer seems pretty big.
And thanks I will get that ram.
Luckily, 3.5 inch hard drives and standard 5.25 inch CD drives work with this case.
Got any ideas, for good keyboard and mouse?
It seems, like all the usb mice I have, have odd sensitivity, and I have run out of laser mice.
Depends on how much you're willing to spend on a keyboard and mouse.

keyboard and mouse combo:

$25 and free shipping.
ummm do you think that is overclockable at all? Everything is perfect, but 1.6ghz? idk. Event though the pc im using right now has 1 core and 1.6ghz.
It's not very overclockable, but the PC you're using is also very old. Probably a 90nm architecture (maybe even older, if it's from before the Athlon 64 era), instead of a 45nm architecture.

If you want, I could set you up with a very overclockable rig for only a little more.

I'd use a 785G and a Sempron 140 (unlocks to two cores), or an Phenom II X2 (unlocks to 3 or 4 cores, depending on the chip). And they're both very fast processors.
ehh sure.
Ehh idk. I think if I'm gonna go simple I'll go simple.
Thanks though. Do u think I could use the case from an ol'd computer? Cause then it would be just 170 so it may be worth it.
Possibly. Got pictures of the inside of the case?
Ill take some. its the old computer that i took apart and put back together but failed to work.

its ugree, and the front is missing.
Also Im changing it to this just cause it is a newer model and I may step down a core and save 25 bucks. worth it?
I wouldn't say it's worth it.

are you saying that 25 bucks is worth an extra core.
Hence it isnt worth saving 25 bucks?


Single core vs Dual core performance difference is worth it if it's only $25.

When putting the amount of money it takes to build a computer into anything, $25 is nothing.
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