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I like me some cheap undies.

haha, okay so the email they sent me wasn't just one image. My bad. Sign up at for free junk/offers :)

If this is closed for advertising, I was just tryna help a brotha out.
OMFG I HAVE TO STOCK UP TOMORROW THEN! >;3 However, I got the email, but for some reason I can't print the coupon - there's nothing to print when I login!

lul I also have a $10 off coupon for VS that I got in the mail.
Haha, I went to the site too and I only saw the free beauty travel kit with any Pink purchase... I'm just gonna print the email if it still doesn't show up later and bring it to the store tomorrow.

freakin FIESTA
I also had a free panty card but it's in one of my school books.. somewhere.
I always say that I'm not going to buy anything for a while, and then these deals come along...
this is the perfect excuse to go to the mall with my mom.
omg I just bought 10 new panties, lol. Damn, half of the ones I was looking at didn't have my size! >;[ It's because all the Asian chicks beat me to it! D;
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