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Full Version: 32GB SD card.
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Alright, I'm looking into purchasing one of these. The 32GB SD memory card for my camera.

"I didn't realize how big 32GB is until we received it."

This person means the capacity right? These are just like the regular 2GB, 8GB SD cards, am I right? They'll work fine with my Canon Powershot, I'm hoping.

I feel really dumb asking this. Haha.
Yes, they meant capacity. If the person was referring to the size of the actual product, it wouldn't fit in the memory card slot.. ermm.gif

I'd never bought anything more than an 8GB card. _unsure.gif Are you going to be like storing your whole life on this? Lol.
I guess if you're going to be taking a lot of HQ videos or photos with lots of megapixels and you're in a situation where you can't upload as fast as you fill up the memory card, 32GB is great. 2GB seems like a lot for photos but I found myself needing more memory at the Coldplay concert...sigh.

And if it says "SD" then you know what the physical size of the card is, and whether it'll work with your camera.
Alright, thanks guys. (:

I'll be storing the two best nights of my life. Lot's of videos and pictures. I just didn't want to worry about memory so I'm buying the 32GB so I can record and snap pictures without having to freak out. I'm a tad bit weird.
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