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hey, post your DIY's or reconstructions or any sites with tutorials or whatever.

i'm about to head to walmart and get super-cheap boy t-shirts and start cutting/sewing shit up. i'm excited :D

anyways, need ideas. i've been going through, but tbh none of the reconstructions there are really my style
i was looking at this site the other day

are you gonna take shirts in? becuase the reason i even found that site is because i really wanna take some t shirts in. my shoulders are too broad for the rest of me or something. i have a lot of t shirts that fit in the shoulders but i wish they were a couple inches slimmer the rest of the way down. i been reading about how to do it myself but i don't have sewing machine or know shit about sewing _dry.gif i don't wanna go pay to have them taken in because they fit for the most part and it's not that bad.
^ lol my sewing knowledge is sorta limited to whatever i learned in home economics back in junior high. i thought my grandma had a sewing machine, but apparently she threw it away and now i'm doing everything by hand which is taking foreverrrr. but taking shirts in isn't too hard if you sort of have basic sewing knowledge. if you have a shirt that fits the way you want it to down the body, just use it as a template. and i'm pretty sure they've got hand-sewing tutorials online.

sleeves are sort of a bitch though -_-
yeah i have no clue how to sew up the side of a shirt by hand. i'll have to read about it. when i watched those sewing machine tutorials it takes 3 seconds.
^holyshit. I've been on that site for at least an hour now.

food + fashion <3 what a great life
Yes. Yes it is amazing.

I am addicted. Thankyouthankyouthankyou
oh my gosh! great topic to post! i have lots of stuff to put up once i get to my new house!! :D everything is packed atm ^_^
i used to surf tshirt surgery.... just stop hah.
diys? search "diy skull cutout tee camille childhood flames" or any of those words together. sorry i can't link you. ^the thing that comes up is definitely my next diy project.

if i wanted to post things i've made, do i post in this thread or what?
or does it have to be something specific? :/ im confused :((
QUOTE(kaijubot @ Aug 15 2009, 03:13 PM) *
hey, post your DIY's or reconstructions

^^ not exactly what i was asking for an answer, but w/e ok
The most DIY I've ever gotten is duct tape on my shoe after I got a hole in the canvas part.
made this for my makeup brushes,
had to glue the ribbons on so they'd stay as they are silky.....
click to enlarge

side so you can see the two colours:
click to enlarge

oh i also made this a few months back-
click to enlarge

but i have since, cut it shorter so its more poofy,
too lazy to take pics of what it looks like now~
QUOTE(CLYDE @ Sep 16 2009, 12:26 AM) *
^.... but why?

why what? why did i make it or why am i too lazy?

made it because...wanted to see what i can do, try something new, sell them

lazy because...i've been ill these past few days, dont feel like putting it on to take pictures, etc. sometime maybe i will when im better xx
is it part of a halloween costume? i don't think tinkerbell would wear that
Maybe it's a cotton-candy-tastin' tinkerbell.
she must have been on drugs then. it would not be a wise choice to wear dat
anyone can make this, just requires patience and a bit on your part.
jesus christ-

its not to WEAR.
"SCENE" kids buy them, you know, 'emo' girls who tease their hair..uhh.idk how else to explain "scene" but yeh, scene girls wear them for photos which they typically put on myspace.
They sell fast. Easy money.

my god. its not for me!!
way to be extremely defensive.
easy money doesn't mean you HAVE to make it

if I wanted to make easy money, I'd stand by the clubs at night and tell em that I do one of a kind designs. you know strippers like those things and pay $50 + for stuff that takes up so little fabric.
but I don't.

kinda have to do what you're proud of,...
I go there for ideas,...I don't really post there though
ppssh, i'm proud of it
i got defensive because everyone but my closest friend has been giving me crap for it
its been 2yrs and i'm sick of explaining myself. but of course you guys wouldnt have knw that, so sorry for going off on yuuuu >.<'
theres more to it.

maybe i just like to come off as a jerk -____-
nah, i'm actually really nice and easy to be friends with. lol,
=P i dont mind if you like what i made or not ahah, i enjoyed making it so it doesnt really matter to me >.<'

I made this last february:
click to enlarge

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

ehh, a bit of detail of the fabric, its so fuzzyy and warm :3
click to enlarge

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