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Full Version: How about a New Section for the tutorials
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okay.. some people would want a section that is only "Computer tutorials" and it will have like basic shortcuts around computer problems like failure to open certain programs when you have the requirements that the program needs..

but some people dont know certain things like Quitting programs that are stalled, and ending processes that are unnecessary. A lot of us in the Technology forum would be a part of this by using our minds to make good working tutorials for the people that need them.

I have a question here->>
i want to submit a tutorial that will help you guide through Computer Restoration and restroing your documents that dont show up once you restore the system.

where would that go in the tutorials section?
Maybe instead of a whole new section, why not just create the tutorial, post it as a normal post on the forums and link them all together and just have a technology bible pinned or something?

I don't think it necessarily warrants a whole new subforum...
alright, cuz i was gonna submit a tutorial, but it was based on COMPUTER PERFORMANCE..
I agree with TJ and Kristina. Just do what TJ did with the Myspace Band tutorial over in Myspace Support (create a thread with whatever you want to include as far as all this goes) and have one of us pin it.
Couldn't you just put it in "All Other Tutorials"
okay so i will make a Topic in the TECH HELP forum and wait for one of you to pin it..haha im lazy.. tongue.gif
okay so just for now, Make a Topic and put my tutorial and have others put their own?
^ plus if it's pin-worthy, and posted in cbsupport, you or another ds could just pin it there and then move it, since moved topics stay pinned where they're moved to. Just sayin' :P
Ya we should just have a thread that doesnt allow any posts except for technology tutorials.
alright GOT IT! : happy.gif
Nice idea. thumbsup.gif
alright, i have just created the tutorial Thread. Heres the Link.

Computer Maintenance and Performance, Tutorials
^Pinned it.
Thank you! _smile.gif
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