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Full Version: Submitting stuff to cB easier?
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Hey, I haven't been on that much....
I know if this sounds ignorant or have asked before, but have you guys ever thought about making the submitting process much easier? I think it's a pain for me to submit my work to cb one by one. Can't we have something like how Photobucket allows you to select multiple files and send them?

I'm not asking to have the ability to submit 10 work pieces at a time, but maybe having at least 3-5 files could make us cb users much more relaxed? I'm not talking about just graphics.. Maybe adding it to Layouts, Scripts, tutorials, etc could really help the cb.

I'm just that type of person who likes to work with Photoshop first, and submit my pieces of work later.

I think this would be helpful for submitting icons especially, but I'm pretty sure this is a feature that only Jusun could implement.
Sadly, if this theory was even accepted, I' think it would take some time just for it to be released and tested...
i'm down for the idea.
Hopefully the CAPCHA will get implemented for submitting things. If there isn't the CAPCHA feature and the ability to upload multiple things at a time we're just asking for some trouble. If people could upload 3-5 things and type in a CAPCHA, then this would be really helpful. I'm just not sure how 3-5 things would fit on one page, because of the comments, colors, tags, etc.
why would they be displayed together? it think it'd be better if they were just submitted and reviewed all once. if that makes sense.
Yeah, I'm down with the CAPCHA idea. I'd rather do 4 CAPCHA's and submit 20 images in less than 10 minutes, rather sitting for 20 minutes of having to submit 20 images.
Jusun is the new TACT.
I'm so down with this idea but good ol' Jusun is never here.
Awesome idea, sadly, you know who is never around. mad.gif
i think the tags should be less picky
It would be a little easier (and if we DSers could have mass accept/reject buttons, that would be nice too), but the tags and comments would probably pose a problem. Even when/if Jusun does show up again, he'd probably have to redo the whole thing and I doubt that's going to happen. The forum will just be made even wider and the gradient at the top will change color or something. :/
It's a great idea for graphics. A lot of people submit about 10-20 at a time, it'd be quite a time saver.
goddamnit jusun xavier lee
QUOTE(ArjunaCapulong @ Jul 11 2009, 02:37 AM) *
goddamnit jusun xavier lee

I know, right? It sort of feels like a broken record at times.

Beenly, yes, multi queue options from both a submitters' and a Design Staff's perspective would be fantastic.
hmmm...if only there was someone else on this site who knew php and could implement it...

But of course Jusun wouldnt give me access to the server. I could still take all the cb source code and implement it just to show everyone.
^ LOL. loool.gif
i think if jusun could give the access to someone, it would be mipadi
^ That's actually been suggested. hehe
I say whenever Jusun comes back (if he comes back at all), we should just tell that n*gga to give Michael (mipadi) access to the server and all our problems shall be solved. :D
if he doesn't i'll seduce him till he does
Just remember, we will have our fate in your hands till then. thumbsup.gif

No pressure.
QUOTE(karmakiller @ Jul 10 2009, 08:50 PM) *
Jusun is the new TACT.

LOL tact.
QUOTE(schizo @ Jul 10 2009, 09:43 PM) *
The forum will just be made even wider and the gradient at the top will change color or something. :/

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