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After reading through the tutorials, I thought, "Hey, wouldn't it be fantastic if users could post their Paint Shop Pro / Photoshop scripts?"

Sure, it's a lot like cheating, but I rely so much on my own scripts for speedy and consistant editing results. Not only would sharing scripts allow us to get that *exact* look, but deconstructing them is also a great way to learn.

Just a thought. cool.gif
I had to google it because I didn't know what Photoshop scripts were and damn that's cool. I think a good amount of people would benefit from this but we need Jusun (micron) [the site's owner] to add that option and he's never here. :/
Good idea. I rely on my scripts for everything.
QUOTE(Buttsex @ Jul 8 2009, 10:26 PM) *
Good idea. I rely on my scripts for everything.

QUOTE(Mikeplyts @ Jul 8 2009, 08:33 PM) *

Everything involving filters and such. I was overstating it.
I just got into making photoshop actions myself and it would be nice to be able to submit them. The idea of having a resource section has been brought up before, and I think there's still an interest topic on it somewhere in the designer's cafe or showcase booth. We would probably be able to get it done if Jusun showed up more often than once every few months.

...But he doesn't, so we really can't do anything.
Heck yeah! thumbsup.gif
I agree with everyone else, I think this would be really helpful. I don't really use scripts, so maybe this would get me to use them more. The only downside to this is that it will take some time to get it done, because Administrators aren't allowed to changed that part of the site.

If you have your scripts hosted on your site, or know other people who do, you could always make a temporary thread somewhere like Designers Cafe.
QUOTE( @ Jul 10 2009, 10:13 AM) *
Last time I used a script/macro, this kid was trying to run from me, but I pulled a death grip on his ass, then an ice freeze (if i recall correctly), and it glitched and he came at me slowly in mid air and i lol'd and all my friends started blasting him and then he died. That was a different program than photoshop though. tee hee =].

I REMEMBER THAT!!1!11 laugh.gif

good times mang, good times.
I think you can get some photoshop actions or paintshoppro scripts in some "How To Coloring" tuts when they offer psds and stuff, like my tutorial does.

but half the time for me, photoshop actions do not work really great on certain images, even by tweaking the settings. :/ it really depends on the colors and lighting..

and i don't know about you, but i have a small pet peeve when people just use scripts or actions on a base image and just submit it. and i mean they do this to like 50 of their icons. -_- i dont mind though if people use scripts or actions as starting points or experiments to produce an even better image than before.
^But the whole appeal of actions is that you don't have to use tutorials. Even though they don't work on all images, at least you could easily undo them and try another. If you go through a whole tutorial and it ends up looking like crap, you waste a lot of time.
Yeah that would be pretty cool of them to do.
I love making scripts but the only problem is that people would have to download a file and load it into photoshop, wouldnt they?
That's not a problem at all. i think rapidshit, box or other hosting sites wouldn't mind
lol. or you can save the action instead of having to open it up everytime in photoshop
i love scripts/actions
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