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Full Version: This has annoyed me ever since I made my account here
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When I try to change my location..

I choose "Australia"
Then "Victoria"

Then I go to, "Choose Metro" and NOTHING comes up
If I choose any of the other ones besides Victoria then choose metro, the capital cities come up. Just not for Victoria pinch.gif
Why is thissss
Because Victoria sucks metaphorical ass.
Unfortunately, the database isn't populated with a lot of cities, esp. ones outside of the US. This is, of course, only something the site owner can change.
QUOTE(fire @ May 18 2009, 10:51 PM) *
Because Victoria sucks metaphorical ass.

ohmy.gif I love Victoria!

Anyway so I guess this means I cant change my location anytime soon.. damn
It's been brought up quite a few times before. For now, I would just suggest writing it down in your information and hopefully the site owner will change things soon.
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