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Full Version: should i get tall or short uggs?
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so i'm going out to get uggs tomorrow and i'm pretty short. i'm somewhere around 5'0-5'2. but i dont know which kind to get? the tall or the short? the way i want to wear them is tucked in jeans. im a short person [as mentioned..] so would it look best in tall or short? i've read a lot of stuff online about them. i read that the tall looks best tucked in jeans, they get wrinkly [i dont really like that], makes you look shorter. and i read that the short are better because you can also wear them in the spring and not look like an idiot and good for short people like me.

neither :]
haha nice help?[x
Girl, don't get uggs. Just trying to help you out...
why not ? :/
It's kind of like buying a Von Dutch hat now. It was trendy and retarded a couple of years ago, and now it's just retarded. Uggs are on their way out... so it would suck to spend so much money to look like you just went through a 2006 clearance rack to get it.

I suggest you find some cute boots, maybe at Steve Madden, that look similar but aren't as cliche and that express your style as an individual. No one will come up to you and say "Wow your uggs are awesome" because they all look the same, and boring I might add... but if you have some awesome boots that look similar, but have a bit more going on... I assure you it will work out better.
I've never liked them, so I would say neither.

I met a guy a few months ago that had slippers by uggs, oddest thing.

And as mentioned above go find something better, Uggs are way old.
What they said.

Uggs have always looked bad.
Gah I had the same dilemma. I'm 5'0 too. I originally bought the tall ones but had to exchange them for the short. Not only are the tall ones harder to walk in but they really do make you look shorter since they go up most of your calf(went up like at least 3/4 of mine). Normally Uggs are supposed to reach half way up for it to look okay.

Hope that helps. _smile.gif
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