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What do you think of meh myspace?
I just put up a new layoutt, I like really simple layouts with nice colors xD
I also like it to be really neat.. it irks meh when ppl's profiles are cluttered and gross! You should tell meh what youu think!

you put this in the wrong place o_O

I'm going to say that your myspace is very simple and just a basic layout with some extra codes to change some colors. big whoop.
Moved to the Showcase Booth.
it sucks
I don't think it's THAT plan, at least you did something and not just changed the colors. looks really clustered to me though. The font size is tiny, and very close together (height wise) and this is off the layout...but you have a heck of a lot of movies listed, that makes it look too long. Why not keep it short and simple.
If it was shorter it would look better. I would loose the little graphics and what not, and maybe shorten the movies, music ect. to about 10 things each.
^ I agree.

I hate to say it, but I think it looks cluttered :X.
Mikeplyts looks a bit too plain for me and I do think it is cluttered but it's alright, I guess.
I kinda like it in terms of the background, banner and colours.

But I agree with the people who said it's too cluttered
If you wanna have a simple layout that doesn't look too cluttered, maybe make the font a little bigger and shorten some things.
You could also do away with the videos or make them smaller and side by side so they don't take up as much space.
^agreeed. but i like your paramore obsession ^__^
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