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Full Version: getting rid of a border around header image?
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So I made my own livejournal layout but the problem is on the header image, there's this image border around it.

The thing is, it shows up in IE and Firefox, but is border-free in chrome. I made sure just about EVERYTHING that remotely has anything to do with "borders" has been set to 0px and it's still present in IE and firefox! gaaaah! Help! :(

How do I get rid of this dreaded blue border?!
What versions of IE and Firefox are you using, and have you tried clearing your cache? Your header image appears with no borders on my computer in both IE7 and FF3.
I don't see it in Firefox 2 or 3, or IE 8
Alright nevermind I checked back on it a few minutes ago and it seems to be gone on both IE and Firefox. heheh thanks though! If anything it could've just been my browser :\
Topic Closed & Moved

PM me if you need this reopened. thumbsup.gif
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