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Full Version: I`m new and i`m saying hello
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Hi its nice to meet you all i`m new my name is gean
i`m asian and it`s grate to meet you all
1.i`m nice
2.i`m kind and lots of others
biggrin.gif _smile.gif
Moved to Introductions.
Hi Gean, nice to meet you :)
Welcome to CreateBlog.
Is that you in your picture? You're really pretty.
moar liek really photoshopped.
I joke.

I'm CJ, welcome to Cb.
Haha, I'm Asian too. _smile.gif I'm Jane! Welcome to Createblog.
I hope you don't suck as much as an a certain active administrator.

Also, do you always use ` instead of '? ^________________________^
Welcome to CreateBlog Gean! wave.gif I'm Michael. I hope you stick around and have a fun time! :D
hi Gean!, im Jon.

Welcome to Cb, you are going to be happy with what we have here!

i hope to see you in the Forums!

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