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Full Version: Review time?
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I submitted a script about a week ago and a tutorial yestereday and both are still pending.
Normally when I submit a layout I get a reply really fast.
Why is it taking so long?
Are there not many people that review scripts?
Just wondering:)
Thomas basically said everything I was going to say. I try, key word being "try," to go through Scripts when I'm in the queue but I don't like to because I'm not good with coding & can't tell if the script will work. If I see that some don't exist, I'll accept them. And if I see that there are some that do exist, I'll reject them. I can try going through the scripts later & see if I get to yours but if I don't, sorry. "/
No I was just wondering how the proccess works really.
I totally understand! How many layout submissions does cb get a day?
When will there be another chance to become staff?
For submissions, it varies with how many we get every day. We can get 2 one day & then get 10 the next day. It just depends if people submit or not. As far as hiring staff, I don't think we're going to at this point but I could be wrong. An Admin or Head Staffer can tell you for sure though.
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