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Full Version: Folders for our favorite layouts
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So here is the thing;
I love the layouts from this website
thats why i have more than 200 layouts on my favorite layouts list
however, i would like to have them separated; especially the holidays layouts
and the best way to do it is by putting them in different folders that we can costumize
If I had the options to make my own folders i would put
1.New Years Layouts
2.Valentines Day layouts
3.Easter Layouts
4.Back to School layouts
5.Halloween layous
6.Thanksgiving layouts
7.Christmas layouts
8.Seasonal layouts (summer, spring, fall, winter)
9.Other holidays layouts
10.Minimal layouts
11.cutest layouts
12.Movies layouts
13.Celebrities layouts
14.Other layouts
15.used layouts layouts (Nintendo DS, iPods, Windows Media Player, itunes, etc...)

of course not eveybody would like to have that many folders, that is why it is better if you can customize them.
so i hope people support me on this because i really WANT this site to have folders for layouts but if we dont talk, we will never give ideas to the website lol.
I think searching within your favorites would be much easier. And then you would be able search better. But damn, over 200 favorites.
thomas, try wonder and favorites doesn't have an apostrophe, let alone the weird one that's not an apostrophe.
QUOTE(kreios @ Nov 30 2008, 10:31 AM) *
Sounds pretty good. I wander though, we already have the search option, I wonder if jusun could import that into the favorites' pages. So you could search within your favs.

That would be so nice, or if we could search within our submissions. I remember way back when there was cb3 we could see our submissions by order of most favorites, comments ect. that was really nice. I would love to see that added. _smile.gif
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