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the staff should stop changing their damn names. i can only change mine every 6 months, but it seems like y'all have changed it far more prematurely than that.

stop. kthanx
I did change Tung's for him because he was unhappy with it. He knew that there was a possibility of it not working correctly, since doing it through the AdminCP is different than an user changing their own name. Mel, well, she had a whole mess up with her username. Thomas changed his 6 months ago, so he was due for a name change. I don't know who else you would be referring to. If anyone is really unhappy with their username, I'd change it for him/her. There is always the possibility that it won't work, though.
my other account, demolished is pretty f*cked up too.

i cannot get my account back with the help of the moderator or without.

i think i changed my account user name too quick while changing the password, email address, and all that mess.

i think I'll be fine with this one. the only thing that bothers me is not having the features of official membership.
I haven't noticed people changing their names much...but I am still kinda new.
I haven't noticed anyone changing their usernames. I changed mine like a year ago and I still don't want to change it :-)
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