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Full Version: i cant comment on people's profiles
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it says something like flood control 234958345983405 seconds.

fix this, thanks.
^ That's not helping the problem.

How about now? You were selected as both OM and Staff Alumni in the Admin CP.
I think it's just him having this problem.. Kryo had the same issue once and I can't remember why or what solved it or if it was solved, just that he was pissed.

I'll look into it..

edit; I dunno, everything looks fine. We'll ask Jusun if he can do something, then.
The following errors were returned:
Flood control: You may post in 30330695 seconds

the number changes every time. i tried thomas' and dani's profiles.
^ were you ever suspended before?
i was moved down to a regular member then back to official member, then staff alumni or something like that. during that time i was on mod preview.
i reset your flood control timer. shoudl knwo now.
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