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Damn... What's everyone been up to?

Subject of this topic:

List major events going on in your local area.
Will be happening in your local area in the upcoming year.

(Name, Area, Place, Event)
that you think other CB'ers might enjoy or like to hear about.

Washington, DC

Presidential Inauguration 2009
Date: January 20, 2009

A week of festivities will include the Presidential Swearing in Ceremony, Inaugural Address, Inaugural Parade and a night of Inaugural Balls and galas honoring the new President of the United States.

Late March - Early April
The National Cherry Blossom Festival
March 28 - April 12, 2009
See the blossoming of thousands of cherry trees on the Tidal Basin in Washington, DC. The capital welcomes spring with this annual tradition begun by the gift of 600 trees to the United States from Japan in 1912. Mark your calendar for the upcoming spring dates and plan to participate in the parade, kite festival, concerts, fireworks and cultural events.

White House Easter Egg Roll
Date: April 13, 2009

On Easter Monday, kids of all ages hunt for and race Easter Eggs on the White House Lawn. Enjoy a morning of storytelling and a visit with the Easter Bunny. Free tickets are usually distributed on the Saturday before and early on Monday morning.

Memorial Day
Date: May 25, 2009

Special events for Memorial Day include wreath laying ceremonies at several monuments and memorials in Washington, DC, a free National Symphony Orchestra concert on the West Lawn of the Capitol and a Memorial Day parade along Independence Avenue.

Late June - Early July
The Smithsonian Folklife Festival
Dates: 2009 Dates to be Announced

Every summer the Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage sponsors this annual festival on the National Mall which celebrates cultural traditions around the world. The Festival includes daily and evening music and dance performances, crafts and cooking demonstrations, storytelling and discussions of cultural issues. The 2008 program will highlight diverse cultures of Bhutan and Texas.

Fourth of July

Washington DC is a spectacular place to celebrate July 4th! Independence Day celebrations in the nationís capital start with a morning parade, concerts on the National Mall and the West Lawn of the Capitol and a huge fireworks display on the grounds of the Washington Monument.

National Book Festival
Date: 2009 Date to be Announced

Celebrate the joy of books and reading at this an annual event held each September on the National Mall in Washington, DC, between 7th and 14th streets. The National Book Festival is sponsored by the Library of Congress and hosted by first lady Laura Bush. Visit with more than 80 award-winning authors, illustrators and poets.

December January 2009
The National Christmas Tree and the Pageant of Peace
Lighting Ceremony: Date to Be Announced.

Each holiday season the White House Ellipse is surrounded by a path of decorated trees representing all 50 states, five territories, and the District of Columbia. The President traditionally lights the tree at a holiday program and musical groups perform each night until New Year's Day.

Enjoy cool.gif
The point of this forum is to enjoy reading about events that you might want to attend in the near future.
The point is to create a national event archive that everyone can enjoy for the upcoming year ! _smile.gif
Perhaps even global. biggrin.gif
And with a topic title like Stick a D*ck in your ear and F*ck What you heard!, I'm sure it'll be pretty easy for people to search for this list of national events for the next year, too!
^ i thought it would be attention grabbing for not being closed.... perhaps if you'd like to.... you could change it to:
"Createblog National Event Database"
only if you feel it's necessary of course.
i heard rico coming out day was october 10th. how was it?

did i do it right?
Dude, keep my name out of your mouth already huh.gif
rofl1.gif @ the thread title
rofl1.gif @ the responses
rofl1.gif @ Spencer (the real one)
rofl1.gif @ Elba's sig

This shit made my day.
QUOTE(Friday @ Oct 29 2008, 05:43 PM) *
The point is to create a national event archive that everyone can enjoy for the upcoming year ! _smile.gif
Perhaps even global. biggrin.gif
Change the topic title, or this topic is getting closed.
change it to "no one gives a fuck about what's happening in d.c., but i'll tell you anyway because my topics are just sooo cute!"

Topic title changed to: Createblog National Event/News Database

rolleyes.gif (it's a more appropriate title)

I'll move this to Feedback since it's an idea for cB in general.

As far my opinion, it's not a bad idea but I'm not sure if it is something that will see a lot of activity. Look at the News Forum, for example. Unless you're a celebrity, you have a third nipple or other such oddities chances are your topic won't see much in the way of responses.
this topic will only be good for travelers, or the 2 whole people that live by you.
which my post pretty much implies that it's not necessary.
no ones gonna care about this
moved to resolved
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QUOTE(Deetard @ Oct 30 2008, 01:51 PM) *
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Although, it's true that this probably won't go anywhere.
i don't know what comes next. _unsure.gif

I prefer to treat Rico the same way I'd treat anyone who brings up these types of topics. Allow them to be heard, let them respond back and then move things over.
rico probably won't be back.
24 hours then. lol
thanks for updating and touching up the subject. i think it's a good one. thank you.
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