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Is there anyway CB can make a layout section for Myspace band profiles?
Its so hard to find band profile layouts anywhere on the net.
I thought about suggesting this awhile ago, but then I thought of something that made the idea less workable and decided to not say anything. If only I remembered what that something was... _unsure.gif
It would be easy to make, just Jusun would have to come by and add it as a subcategory.

Also most basic layouts will work on band profiles, and if people just used the provided codes in the script section they could easily change up the profile's look.
Newbie alert! I'd like add my 5 cents on this one. As a matter of fact I was just looking for more info geared toward band profiles. I was going to try and layout a design for my buddy’s band page. However, I noticed that there all a lot of different elements to work with (band player, concert dates, etc..). Also, when you go to edit the profile, everything looks different.

I think this would be a great topic to tackle simply for educational purposes. I hope to see a step by step on how to create a div for band profiles. Unfortunately, I’m too new and green to get this going :(
if they could allow it it might be good
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