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Full Version: Hijacked Content
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I don't understand why your users, who I do not believe profit from this site, have an incentive to post content they take from other sites.

I have found multiple postings on this site, which I know to be hijacked from other sites.

In one case the hijacked image, was mapped to the the wrong block of code (they were both hijacked from the same site).

Does this site encourage theft, in some way?
The rules disallow the posting of content, for which the poster does not own the rights?
So why so much stolen content?
What is it about this site, and its users, that leads to so much of this behavior?

It does hurt the credibility of the site.
do you have any examples, you have to remember that many people here own layout sites :]
proof pls.

but what goes around comes around. people steal from cb, designers on cb steal from other people.
Our staff cannot be aware of every image on the internet. It's unfortunate that people would steal others' work, but it's hardly our fault. So while we apologize if anything of yours has been jocked, it's better to be proactive and report the issue than to condemn our credibility.
Could you link some examples? We get a lot of submissions, so sometimes it's hard to go through everyone and compare them to all the other work. Sometimes copied images and codes make it through, but if you contact a staff member it will be taken care of.
What if it's the other way around, only you saw it at the other site first?
Proof or it never happened.

And of course if anyone ever finds something that was stolen AND has proof then we remove it _smile.gif See we're different that all those other sites.
I understand your concern, but you are going to (as has already been asked a few times) post examples. I've found that more often than not, it's cB that has content hijacked, not the other way around. I'm certainly not saying that this is always the case, but it happens often.
CreateBlog does not accept stolen or jocked work. In fact, some of our Design Staff members very recently rejected 98 graphics that were discovered to be stolen from LiveJournal. Please link to examples of jocked material, the staff will check it out, and the work will be rejected accordingly if it's true that it was jocked.

Also, the layout submission guidelines state that jocked work is not accepted.
some of it could also be the opposite around. There have been sites who have been taking layouts from here and calling it their own.
As everyone else said, we need examples. It's impossible for the Design Staff to know every image and layout on the internet. We're not robots. I think we're actually pretty good when it comes to preventing stolen content from getting through, but there are just some things we don't know. If anyone catches a mistake, we go back and reject it. There's only so much that could be done.
haha, and I see that the original poster hasn't even replied back to any of you. Wonder what that says??

I'm dumb and I'm terribly sleepy so disregard this.
Rehash: Its impossible for the staff to keep track of all hijacked content. That being said, they do a damn good job of keeping it under control. This site has nothing compared to all other design websites that have thousands of stolen images and themes. Many taken from here. Can't say I blame them. Our design team and members are A+ in terms of designing.

But cB can't do it without us. Staff encourages members to report any hijacked content so that they can be removed immidiately and proper punishment is given. So, if you think its a problem don't just complain. Go ahead and help. Provide examples and prove it. :)
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