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i think it would be a good idea to have a "templates" section under layouts.
like, instead of actual layouts, they're just the basic templates (for anything...myspace, xanga, websites, whatever) with minimal styling, no colors and such, just things like font sizes, tables, boxes, etc. for people who are good at the graphics part but are new/not so good with the coding. there would obviously be a lot of editing involved with each template, but i think it would be good for beginners.

just an idea. :]
sounds like a really good idea...i'm for it!
you mean like general (universal) templates?

I'm for it :)
I really like the idea. I know I was looking for something like that when I first started making layouts. It would pretty much just be a stylesheet then, correct? Maybe it will help prevent people from taking other designer's layouts and changing the background image. I've been seeing that a lot lately.
I don't think its a bad idea but instead of being under layouts, put it under graphics since that is where people usually submit templates for layouts.

It wouldn't be hard for us to move them around if we got a new section within graphics as well. Also if you are looking for templates for layouts it should be under backgrounds in graphics.
I love that idea. I would have to come here more often when I'm creating layouts. I would even start making some blogger or xanga layouts instead of just myspace and website layouts.
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