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I thought I wanted to use a theme on my livejounal account so I clicked "Apply Theme" and then went to go see what it looked like and if I liked it or not, turns out I didn't so now I want to remove it so I can use a CSS layout.

The problam is, how do I remove the layout so I can replace it with a CSS layout?
Please help me!
Can you let me know which CSS layout you're trying to use? Also, I'm assuming that you're using S2, is that correct?
Yes! I'm using S2 and the layout I would like to use is the last one it's called "Der letze Tag"
Just go into your customization settings:

In the search field, type in "flexible squares". Pick a random theme, doesn't matter which!

Now at the top where it says "(yourusername)'s current theme" - click on "customize your theme", or:

Click "style" on the left, and where it lists all the colors, get rid of the #hexcodes on the right. Make sure you clear them all out - click on the title headings (sidebar, entries, comments) to expand them. Scroll down and click save changes.

Now click on Custom CSS on the left and paste the code into the large box. x3
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