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Full Version: i'm such a noob.
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i really like this layout;

but i can't get it to work with my livejournal to save my life.


psst.someone can just go in there and put it in for me if you wantXD
You've already got flexible squares, so now just go to this page:
(Customize this theme -> Custom CSS)

Then paste the code in the large box and you should see the theme.
it didn't come out right. :| it looks all retarded.
Check out the link the layout creator posted for more help: LiveJournal changed the Look & Feel stuff about two months ago, so yeah.
i copied that link and it just took me to a google search that led right back to the layout. cause she posted the link there.

so frustrating!
Oh, sorry, the link messed up. Here's the right one:

Did you set all the dropdowns to "No" like that page says to?
yeah i just caught that, and yeah i set it.
now the page looks alottt better, except for the top. its freaking longggg cause of the ad. and the recent entries is at the top too.
You can change your account status back to basic if the ad is getting on your nerves. :3

Also, if you only want the links at the top you can set your style to have no sidebar:

click to enlarge

If you DO want the sidebar, you can enable it and then just go to this page to customize it (perhaps the option to get rid of the entry summary is there):
but my profile is basic,i guess. it says plus. and as far as i can see on that page, you can either have plus or paid.

aagh:| i'm sorry for all the trouble..
On the left, there are two options - you can upgrade to paid, and then the one right under that says "Switch to a basic account." You'll then be asked to confirm, "Are you sure?" You'll have to tell it "Uh yeah, switch to basic" and you'll be good.
ughhh i really,really don't see it.
this is what i see;

Are they really phasing out the basic account level?!

I'm sorry. sad.gif
its okayy. i'll figure something out.

this can be closed.
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