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Full Version: My entries are not showing up on my friends' friend pages?
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I've received comments from my friends on LJ that my new entries do not show up on their friends pages. These are friends whom have added me and I have added them back. Is there a reason for this/can I fix this? Most of my entries are set to friends-only, if that makes a difference..

my livejournal: here

Thanks in advance!
Have you edited the date so that they show up in the future or way back? If so, then a similar question was asked here.
Ah, yes - it was because my entries' dates were marked "out-of-order" - thanks so much.
Looks like Cristy has answered your question, then. I'll go ahead and close this - if you have any more questions, feel free to PM a staff member or go ahead and create a new topic. This will be moved to the "Resolved Topics" subforum soon.
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