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Full Version: New to premade layouts and having difficulty getting to work...
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Hi. I'll try to be direct. I wanted to put up a new premade layout today for my journal. Now I don't really get how this stuff works but I figured it'd be similar to myspace where you find a layout you like and copy some code someplace and than presto, instant change. That doesn't seem to be the case though.

Just to use that as an example, that is a layout I like and would like to use. Now I notice it says it's meant for S1 and I'm guessing S2 is the standard right now. I don't know. I haven't the slightest idea on what that all means. But basically would it be possible to get that layout to work on my page? Or any others for that matter?

Everytime I check tutorials or directions for how to get them to work it never matches what options I have or it's always S1 instructions. This is something I thought would be simple (and it probably is) but it's making my head spin. So what can I do about this?

Also if theres any more info you require just let me know and I'll gladly provide it. Sorry about the lengthy post.
On the layout ID page, scroll down to the designer's instructions. Click on the link provided in the first step. On the LJ page, in the blue menu bar on the left, click the last link to switch to S1. From there, follow the instructions on the layout page. But just FYI, I've tried using that layout before, and the image wouldn't work even when I re-uploaded it to Imageshack. :/
Also, make sure when you add the layout, you have a website specified in your profile info, as per the instructions found here:
Yay thanks to both of your advice, I was able to get one of the layouts I liked to work. (Too bad that other wouldn't though.)

The whole "enter a webpage" in my profile thing was throwing me off and I didn't really understand how it'd make a difference. Finally I just threw my myspace link in there, I refresh my journal and PRESTO the new layout is there.

Only thing left is minor tweaks...

If you'll notice the text in the entries and entry title are aren't quite centered. Also the entry text is a bit too small for my liking. How would I fix that? I'm guessing I'd have to play around with the html code and just mess with some values or something. For reference the layout was gotten from here which contains the code.
The code you'd be looking for would most likely be enclosed in the GLOBAL_HEAD area in between the <style> tags.

The code related to the entries will be called table and the font size will probably be set under body. I believe the code related to the subject line would be td.caption or something to that effect.
Ok thanks. That should cover everything. Once again thanks to all who gave assistance. It's greatly appreciated.
i'm glad your problem has been solved. i'll close this then.

pm me or another staff member if you need this topic reopened.
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