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Full Version: Ack. Heeeeeeeelp. ;_;
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I looooooooove livejournal. I looove scribbling in it. XD

lol Problem ish, I want my own layout. My style~ Nyah.
Can someone please teach me how to make one? :D XDDD

Help appreciated. Much. Very much. =D

Thank you~~~ laugh.gif
I'm sorry to say that for the time being I don't have a tutorial for how to make a layout for Livejournal - I will work on that, because a lot of people seem to want one. =]

For the time being, though, what's your experience with graphics and coding? Depending on how much you know about working with images and code, I can try to help you get started.
Nyeh~ XDD Haha.

Hmm... With images- Yesh I know how. But, Kinda n00bish at it at times. I use Photoshop. For banners, avas/icons and sigs. I work well when it comes to anime related pics. XDDD

For coding, I have no idea. x]
If you don't know a whole lot about coding, I would recommend starting here:

After you've looked over that, continue on to the overrides..

That should get you started, and it was a HUGE help for me when I first started making layouts.

Once you understand how that works a little better, there are more advanced Livejournal tutorials at this community:
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